Your adventurous spirit reminds me of my husband, Lucas. He's an ecological researcher, so he spends a lot of time away from home, working in other countries.

I'm starting to get a little twinge of uneasiness, though. It feels like he's been gone too long, and I've been waiting for him to write home...

— Yolanda in Helonia Coast

Yolanda is a Young Lady residing in Helonia Coast. She also appears in Candeo Marsh.


When she heard about Lucas being murdered in Candeo Marsh she immediately went there to find out what happened to her husband. She thank the Envoy for what they did at Helonia. If they didn't help Helonia residents, she feared that Helonia would be under the reign of the Catseye Pirates and Bluto.

Despite knowing that her husband can take care of himself, she gets a strong suspicion when hearing Will's statement about the vampire. She also thank the Envoy for telling her that the actual murder of her husband turned out to be a Sarpa when the Envoy found his log on the Sarpa Leader. She made a final request to Envoy to finish what her husband started, which ended up in triumph as the dam has been sealed and the Sarpa Queen eliminated.