Yolanda at Candeo Marsh.
General information
Race Human
Gender Female
Service Type Young Lady
Location Candeo Marsh
Coordinate X:186 Y:329
Yolanda resides in Helonia Coast and when she heard about Lucas was murdered on Candeo Marsh she immediately went to Candeo Marsh to find out what happened to her husband. She thank Envoy for what Envoy did at Helonia and if Envoy doesn't help Helonia residents, she fear that Helonia will be under the rule of the Catseye Pirates under reign of Bluto.

Despite she know her husband can take care of himself, she has strong sense of suspisciousness especially hearing Will's statement about the vampire itself since her husband can take of himself. She also thank Envoy for telling her that the actual murder of her husband was turns out to be a Sarpa when Envoy found his log on Sarpa Leader. She made a final request to Envoy to finish what her husband started which ended up triumph for the Envoy that the dam has been sealed and the Sarpa Queen has been eliminated.

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