Base: 25 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Skepticism I Damage against Holy targets +15%
2-starbuff Absorptive I Convert 1% of damage dealt by skills into HP.*
3-starbuff Absorptive II Convert 2% of damage dealt by skills into HP.*
High above the clouds, Vayu the Stormbringer causes winds to blow and rains and snows to fall. Some attribute to him both droughts and floods, as well as times of great prosperity. When he descends to earth, lesser spirits tremble at his coming. Pearly white and brilliant bloom, as long as it stands like a strong fortress, he is best to resist the enemy's onslaught guarding the front and security partners.


To obtain this Eidolon's Key or Key fragments click the following links below.


2 Star
3 Star


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Mow Down Attack Light Vayu sweeps the enemy with his mighty tail, dealing Holy damage and generating malice.
Howl From Above Attack Light Vayu gather his power and looses a mighty roar, shaking the ground to deal Holy damage and stun the enemy.
Favor of the Sky Buff Vayu radiates the strength of th sky, greatly increasing party members' Max HP.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

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