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Collaboration with Re:Zero

The other versions of AK has done some collaboration with various franchises (mostly anime) which are all exclusive to their server. So we'll probably never get them over here, but that doesn't stop me from sharing! This post is made to showcase costumes we're missing. For the Innocent World collaborations, click at the banner to go to their event page for specific details.

If you find another cross-over costume that's not listed here, or want to help me complete this, leave a note on the comment section!


Innocent World (Japanese):

  • Disgaea (WIP)
  • Re:Zero ✔ (also in TW/AKGoE)
  • Chaika - the Coffin Princess
  • Date a Live

Fantasy Frontier (Chinese):

  • Fairy Tail (Erza, Natsu)
  • Bleach (Ichigo, Rukia)
  • Zombie Brother (XiaoFei)
  • Qin's Moon (Shao Siming)
  • Fights Break Sphere (Xiao Yan)

Honorable mentions:

Unofficial look-alikes:

  • Sword Art Online (Kirito, Asuna costumes) ✔
  • Natsume's Book of Friends (Cat mounts) ✔

Innocent World Collaborations

Honorable Mentions

Unofficial Look-alikes

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