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Map of Terra

Map of Terra

Terra is the realm between Aura Kingdom and Pandemonium of Azuria. Terra is the living land of humanity and other mortal beings, where the energies of the realms above and below combine in beauty and strangeness. The Chains of Time are said to be subjected to the land of Terra. Even supernatural beings are subjected to the Chains of Time as they grow, change, fade, and die with the rest of humanity.


Map Grazeus

Land of Midgard

Midgard is the central continent within Terra, divided into two regions: North Midgard and South Midgard. Home to many tribes and species, the largest human city, Navea, is located in South Midgard, governed by the Church. It is where the Cube of Gaia rests in the depths of Demarech Mines.

South MidgardEdit

Navea  Location Type - City
Banner Navea A bastion of culture and trade, Navea is a place of gathering. No matter what happens beyond its walls, Navea will remain a sacred refuge.
Port Skandia Location Level - 10 Location Type - World Field
Banner Port Skandia At first glance, this tiny fishing village seems peaceful. However, away from prying eyes, things are changing in strange ways.
Helonia Coast Location Level - 20 Location Type - World Field
Banner Helonia Coast The heart of Terra's black market, you can buy and sell anything here. Unfortunately, this reputation has made it a target of pirate attacks.
Crescent Hill Location Level - 30 Location Type - World Field
Banner Crescent Hill Red maple leaves and fragrant flowers blanket the ground here. The stunning beauty makes it easy to see why religions were born here.
Cactakara Forest Location Level - 40 Location Type - World Field
Banner Cactakara Forest Though known as mechanics, Dwarves can also manipulate nature energy. They manipulate bioenergy and then use it to power their devices.
Demarech Mines Location Level - 45 Location Type - World Field
Banner Demarech Mines Stories tell that the Infinity Prism was found in these mines. This crystal can allegedly open a portal to the Aura Kingdom, the home of Angels.
Triatio Highlands Location Level - 50 Location Type - World Field
Banner Triatio Highlands These hunting grounds are the cause of strife between humans and giants, each claiming it's theirs. A strange cult has also made it their home.
Candeo Marsh Location Level - 50 Location Type - World Field
Banner Candeo Marsh Lullabies warn kids to avoid the marsh. The criminals who hide out in the march and a number of unsolved murders have stained its reputation.
Ventos Prairie Location Level - 55 Location Type - World Field
Banner Ventos Prairie Little is known about the prairie, as it is home to the Makar. Notorious for disliking outsiders, they hold a special hatred for Humans.

North MidgardEdit

Oblitus Wood Location Level - 55 Location Type - World Field
Banner Oblitus Wood The purpose of this ancient fortress was to defend the nearby lands. Now, however, the forces housed here have grown cruel and insensitive.
Star Sand Desert Location Level - 55 Location Type - World Field
Banner Star Sand Desert These desolate sands were once avoided by travelers. Lately, however, strange rumors have drawn many explorers and criminals to them.
Vulture's Vale Location Level - 60 Location Type - World Field
Banner Vulture's Vale The main camp for the Black Knight's army. The smoke from the hundreds, or thousands, of fires that the army maintains.
Blizzard Berg Location Level - 60 Location Type - World Field
Banner Blizzard Berg The demonic hordes have reached the seal. They now threaten to awaken a sleeping dragon. Now the ancient war will begin anew...
Rainmist Reach Location Level - 60 Location Type - World Field
Banner Rainmist Reach It's unclear how long these invasive spores have been encroaching on this ancient, hallowed ground of the Mages, but they've almost completely taken it over.
Emerald Marsh Location Level - 60 Location Type - World Field
Banner Emerald Marsh Here lie the spooky ruins of the ancient city of Cadilla. Since the city's annihilation by the Demon Army, nothing remains but sadness and death.
Starstruck Plateau Location Level - 60 Location Type - World Field
Banner Starstruck Plateau The majestic plateau earned its name when it was struck by a meteor long ago. Now its inhabitants suffer the plague of a dark and corrupting power.
Silent Ice Field Location Level - 60 Location Type - World Field
Banner Silent Ice Field The Shadow Knight has erected his military base in a land of eternal winter, but the secrets buried deep within the glaciers and ice fields will soon see the light of day.
Port Morton Location Level - 70 Location Type - World Field
Banner Port Morton The residents of this once thriving commercial port are being threatened by something dangerous lurking deep in the ocean. There is no sign that their terror will end.
Candetonn Hill Location Level - 70 Location Type - World Field
Banner Candetonn Hill Surrounded on all sides by trees with red leaves, this beautiful hill boasts a ranch and a rustic farm. However, the looming war is threatening to disturb the peace of this place.


Map Principia

Map of Principia

Principia is the western continent within Terra. Home to the Guardians of the Holy Sword and other humans, along with many other tribes and species.

Viridian Steppe Location Level - 80 Location Type - World Field
Banner Viridian Steppe Years ago, this vast grassland was lush and green, but in recent years some parts of it have turned dead and barren.
Desolate Valley Location Level - 80 Location Type - World Field
Banner Desolate Valley The Guardians of the Holy Sword have lived in seclusion in this place, but it is now under threat from a demon invasion, and danger lurks around every corner.
Tanglevine Cascades Location Level - 80 Location Type - World Field
Banner Tanglevine Cascades The age-old conflict between the dwarves and the Sarpa for possession of this picturesque jungle has finally reached a crisis point.
Sunhunter's Vale Location Level - 80 Location Type - World Field
Banner Sunhunter's Vale Stepping foot in this ancient valley is like stepping back in time. It's also home to the valiant Sunhunter Makar. Demon-possessed giants have long coveted its riches and have waged war to obtain them.


Alabastren Temple Location Level - 30 Location Type - Instance
Banner Alabastren Temple These temple ruins were once sealed by divine magic. Now the seals have broken, and the foul darkness contained is leaking out...
Gydaie Glen Location Level - 40 Location Type - Instance
Banner Gydaie Glen The ancestral home of the Dwarves, they were long ago abandoned. Now a strange energy seems to be polluting it and its inhabitants.
Miner's Steppe Location Level - 45 Location Type - Instance
Banner Miner's Steppe Crystals brimming with magic were as common as stones here. Legends say the Shadow Knight brought his wife here in search of a cure for her illness.
Deep's Cavern Location Level - 50 Location Type - Instance
Banner Deep's Cavern Bards sing, "The Twilight God in a deep cave dreams, lulled by blood and dead men's screams." Could this be that terrible cave?
Candeo Core Location Level - 50 Location Type - Instance
Banner Candeo Core Deep with the Sarpa lair is the power core that operates the water gate. Control of it means control over all water in the area...
Wrathborne Temple Location Level - 55 Location Type - Instance
Banner Wrathborne Temple Over the temple's entrance, it reads, "Beating with lifeblood, drag your heart across the teeth of gods." Only great warriors are allowed entry.
Ghostweep Cave Location Level - 55 Location Type - Instance
Banner Ghostweep Cave The chill wind of this abyss can freeze your very soul. Even the bravest soul will be reduced to a wretched coward in this cave...
Ozymand Temple Location Level - 55 Location Type - Instance
Banner Ozymand Temple The ancients who built this temple once ruled over Terra. Strangely, little beyond this temple and its treasures survived them...
Titan's Roots Location Level - 60 Location Type - Instance
Banner Titan's Roots The root of the Titanic Mushroom is the source of the infection, and is also the hideout of the Charm Queen.
Cadilla Felwood Location Level - 60 Location Type - Instance
Banner Cadilla Felwood The forbidden Enchanted Forest has long since been sealed, and serves as the hidden lair of the Demon Army. Gainey can be found in the depths of the forest.
Frozenlea Plains Location Level - 70 Location Type - Instance
Banner Frozenlea Plains The dark citadel rising out of the immaculate snow belongs to the Frozen Sorcerer known as the Shadow Knight.
Twilight Forest Location Level - 80 Location Type - Instance
Banner Twilight Forest A hidden forest full of watchful spirits and dangerous traps. According to legend, this is where the Holy Sword of Gaia is kept.
Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory Location Level - 80 Location Type - Instance
Banner Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory This long-abandoned dwarven laboratory was once the site of forbidden robo-arcane experimentation. It's now occupied by the Sarpa, who've taken control of the alchemical abominations and plan to wreak havoc on the jungle!
Tomb of the Ancients Location Level - 80 Location Type - Instance
Banner Tomb of the Ancients The Tomb of the Ancients is a sacred resting place for the giants' ancestral spirits. The giants are attempting to use demonic power to resurrect these long-dead spirits to wreak havoc on the world.


Location Type - World Field   Terra
South Midgard Navea
Port Skandia (1-10)Helonia Coast (11-20)Crescent Hill (20-30)Cactakara Forest (30-40)
Demarech Mines (40-45)Triatio Highlands (45-50)Candeo Marsh (45-50)Ventos Prairie (50-55)
North Midgard Oblitus Wood (50-55)Star Sand Desert (50-55)Vulture's Vale (60-65)Blizzard Berg (60-65)
Rainmist Reach (62-65)Emerald Marsh (62-65)Starstruck Plateau (66-70)Silent Ice Field (66-70)
Port Morton (70-75)Candetonn Hill (70-75)
Principia Viridian Steppe (75-80)Desolate Valley (75-80)Tanglevine Cascades (80-??)Sunhunter's Vale (80-??)
Misc. Navea CathedralGuild HallHidden CabinThousand Water Marsh

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