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A strange space, filled with unknown energy and built for the summoning of Eidolons.
— Description

Temple of the Eidolons is a solo instance located in Crescent Hill. The player can find it near <Eidolon Research Director> Henrik.


This will take you to our "Temple of the Eidolons," a special research facility that we've developed. There, you can challenge different Eidolons based on your own power. Keep in mind that you can only choose one Eidolon, so do so with care.
— First segment of Henrik answering the question "Where will this take me to?"

The Temple of the Eidolons is a research facility built for the summoning of the Eidolons. The Eidolons can be challenged in return for loot rewards, such as key fragments, loyalty points cards, or even that Eidolon's Key of Gaia.

When entering, three dungeon treasure chests are present; aimed for level 35, level 50, and level 60. Only one can be opened. Upon opening one treasure chest, the other chests will disappear and the player will obtain an Unidentified Summoning Stone of a random Eidolon that can be battled.

The temple's energy resets every six hours. It is then that anyone can enter multiple times per day.

Entry limitEdit

Mode Limit Reset
Solo1Gain one entry every 360 minutes (6 hours) starting from 6:00 AM EST


Opening a chest will produce one Unidentified Summoning Stone. Once the chest is opened, you must complete the summon and defeat the Eidolon as everything will despawn if you leave the instance. The level of the chest determines the amount of drops you will receive upon defeating the Eidolon.

  • Lv35 Dungeon Treasure Chest: 1 random item reward
  • Lv50 Dungeon Treasure Chest: 1 random item reward + 1 bonus drop
  • Lv60 Dungeon Treasure Chest ⇒ Unidentified Radiant Summoning Stone: 1 random item reward + 2 bonus drops

Depending on your ability to defeat the randomly summoned Eidolon either through heal, life leech, or burst damage, you may be able to complete the higher level chests at a much lower level. It is generally recommended to challenge a chest that's higher than your current level as there are no real penalties for failing except for when you are 100% unable to defeat the randomly spawned Eidolon. (i.e. If you are level 45, try 50. If you are 50, try 60.)

When picking up a chest, there is a small chance that Cesela will spawn instead. A short dance with three Purple Bunnyhops will occur instead of gaining a Unidentified Summoning Stone.


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Level 10-19 Southwest Helonia Mountain CaveNorth Helonia Mountain Cave
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