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Skills are used during combat to help provide additional damage against enemies and buffs to characters. Skills can be added in the hotkey bar for easier use of skill. Skills are unlocked upon reaching a certain level.

Types of skillsEdit

There are several types of skills to use.

Attack skills are combat moves/skills that will allow a character to damage the enemy. Attack skills can give rate damage, critical damage, as well as others.
Buff skills gives extra stat bonuses, especially for party members and the player.
Healing skills will not damage any enemy, but help the targeted target or group increase in health or recovery.
Summoning skills call a figure or object to provide assistance. Some can follow the character while others are stationary.


Each character has their own set of skills that correspond to their class type.

Combo skillsEdit

Main article: Combo Skills

Combo skills, also known as ultimate skills, are combination skills combined with either main and sub weapons or eidolons that provide high burst damage and unique animations. Unlike normal skills, combo skills have high cooldown and global cooldown but offers invicibility frames, meaning that the caster won't take any damage while the spell is cast.

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