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Shinobi are an ancient and mysterious group that live between the light and shadows. When good and evil are aligned, they will reappear to claim their rightful inheritance.
— Description

Shinobi is a range class who wields Shuriken as their weapon of choice.


Shuriken Toss Leap into the air and hurl your shuriken at the enemy, damaging them and decreasing their defense.
Attack Physical Level 1
Maple Star Slice with your blade as gracefully as leaves falling from a tree. Damaging enemies in a line.
Attack Physical Level 1
Blood Corruption Curse the ground around a target, causing thorns to rise from the ground to attack your enemies. Some of the damage dealt is converted to HP.
Attack Physical Level 4
Shuriken Storm Fling a storm of shurikens at lightning speeds, causing massive damage.
Attack Physical Level 8
Shadow Assault Show your mastery of the arcane arts by transforming yourself into a shadow. Sneak up behind the enemy and strike without warning.
Attack Dark Level 13
Great Fireball Show your mastery of the arcane arts by summoning a giant fireball to damage and burn your enemies.
Attack Fire Level 18
Razor Wind Show your mastery of the arcane arts by creating a fearsome whirlwind to shred your enemies.
Attack Storm Level 24
Elemental Ascension Pass your elemental powers to your allies, increasing their SPD and CRIT.
Buff Assist Level 30

Combo systemEdit


When using the arcane spells Shadow Assault, Great Fireball, and Razor Wind, different amount of chakra will be consumed. Chakras can be stored up to 5 and accumulate over time; 3 seconds when using shuriken as main weapon and 9 seconds when using shuriken as sub weapon.

When skills are cast, there is a chance of summoning a Shadow Warrior. The player can choose between Slasher, Dancer or none of them. The player can't switch options while in combat.

Icon Title Name Description Bonus
Tales of his feats have spread throughout the land. He surely is a force to be reckoned with. DMG +100%
This orphan was found by a group of shinobi after a bloody battle. After she grew older and learned of his true origins, she went on a bloody rampage. When you attack and/or use skills, targets receive a debuff which increases the damage they receive by +2% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.



Shadow WarriorsEdit


Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese / Hong Kong) 手裏劍
Fantasy Frontier (Chinese) 手里剑
Innocent World (Japanese) 手裏剣 (Throwing Star)
Aura Kingdom (French) Shuriken
Aura Kingdom (German) Ninja

See alsoEdit

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