Eternal Youth
Base: 10 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Even Keel I Crit Damage taken -50%
2-starbuff Essence of Life I Max HP +10%
3-starbuff Ruthless Strike I Max HP +20%
Hailing from the heavens, Serif is a spritely warrior, attuned to the element of lightning. He is a master in avoiding enemy attacks, then tearing into them with a flurry of fierce blows. There are few enemies who can survive the full fury of his high-voltage energy... or a few well thrown lightning bolts. Ever optimistic and cheerful, Serif is a steadfast ally who will stand by your side through the toughest of battles.
Don't be fooled by his spritely appearance - Serif is a warrior spirit with the courage to take on any foe. Darting through the air, he strikes with powerful punches and lightning attacks that leave enemies reeling.
Single Target: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Area of Effect: CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Defensive: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Evasive: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar
Heal: UncompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Support: UncompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar


Serif is obtained by choosing him as your starter Eidolon.


2 Star
3 Star


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Lightning Pummel Attack Electric Serif, with his swift and nimble movements, can land powerful punching combos on an enemy, dealing huge Lightning damage.
Blue Shift Attack Electric Serif can gather blue thunder in his fist, launching a ballistic arc to deal strong Lightning damage.
Electrical Storm Attack Electric Serif can summon a small sprite who flits around him, generating a strong magnetic field that deals Lightning damage to surrounding enemies.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Sparking Descent Grenadier,
Electric Serif descends from above in a shower of sparks, dealing Lightning damage to surrounding enemies and additional damage over time.
Blinding Bolt Duelist Electric At your command, Serif strikes down surrounding enemies in a jolt of thunder, dealing Lightning damage and decreasing their ACC.
Lightning Dance Ravager,
Holy Sword
Electric Serif combines his power with yours to deal powerful Lightning damage to surrounding enemies and break down their DEF.
Whirling Thunder Flurry Guardian,
Electric Serif's thunder-powered chain combo that deals Lightning damage to surrounding enemies.
Electric Sphere Gunslinger,
Electric With a snap of his fingers, Serif energizes an electromagnetic field that deals heavy Lightning damage to surrounding enemies.
Electroshock Therapy Sorcerer Electric Serif draws on your latent strength to power a heavy electric bolt that deals Lightning damage to surrounding enemies and stuns them.
Deadly Thunderbolt Wizard Electric Serif unleashes a furious thunderstrike with you, dealing heavy Lightning damage to surrounding enemies and slowing them.
Eye of the Storm Bard Electric Serif shows enemies his cocky side with a swift, reckless thunderbolt strike, zapping baddies with vicious lightning.

Eidolon's WishEdit

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