He who wields the scythe marshals unrivaled destructive power and ferocious attack speed. When the blade falls, heads will roll. He signs contract with minor devils, and summons them in battle. He is also versed in various kinds of powerful magic, which he uses to inflict heavy damage on the enemy.
— Description

Reaper (also known as Necromancer) is a Magic-type class who wields a Scythe as their main weapon of choice.


Shadowbolt Barrage Manipulates shadows to attack the enemy, inflicting heavy damage and exhausting the target's ATk power.
Attack Physical Level 1
Shadowflame Toss Loads the Scythe with the smokey fires of hell, then flings it at the enemy, inflicting scorching burns. Those who stands its path will receive extra damage.
Attack Fire Level 1
Devil's Pact This spell will open the doors of pandemonium and summon devils to aid you in battle.
Summon Assist Level 4
Devil Attack Command your devils to attack target.
Attack Physical Level 4
Frozen Tomb Channels icy gusts of air to blast freezing ice spikes through the enemy, inflict ice damage with an additional freezing effect.
Attack Ice Level 8
Bone Shield Calls upon the bone shield to protect allies against mortal damage. It also recovers the HP of your devils.
Buff Assist Level 13
Purgatory Bats Quickly whirls the scythe to open the gates to hell, summoning blood-sucking bats that continually bite enemies within range.
Attack Physical Level 18
Devil Incarnate Evil undead summoned from the abyss of hell eat all enemies within range, inflicting huge dark damage. The evil souls also raise the fighting abilities of your devils.
Attack Dark Level 24
Unholy Frenzy Release the Unholy Frenzy to increase power and greatly increase the ATK power and Casting Speed of allies.
Buff Assist Level 30

Combo systemEdit

Combo System necromancer

The Reaper can have three summons out at once. They are able to choose between a variety of summons, around six in total. The summons offers a variety of buffs to the summoner when using Scythe as main weapon. The buff depends on which summon the Reaper summons.

Summons can be unsummoned by right-clicking on Devil's Pact on the buff bar.

Icon Name Element Skills Bonus
Frenzy Bite: Viciously bites enemies multiple times, inflicting Storm Damage each time.

Shadow Cyclone: Calls on ferocious winds to inflict Storm Damage on surrounding enemies and increases the caster's own defensive capabilities.

Agility of Lulos:
SPD +x and Move SPD +10%.
Many years ago, Lulos lost his home and everything he loved to a raging forest fire of unknown origin. Lulos suspected arson, and withdrew to the depths of hell to channel his vengeful urges into mastering the power of storms. he joined the Envoys of Gaia to find out once and for all the truth about the catastrophe that ruined his life. Ever since, he has wandered Terra looking for answers.
Miasmic Bolt: Launches a magical bolt of poison which inflicts Dark Damage and additional periodic damage upon individual enemies.

Toxic Corruption: Concentrated corrosives are sprayed over nearby enemies, inflicting Dark Damage on targets within range and dealing additional periodic Damage.

Lapuree's Wrath:
Player's attacks inflicts x DPS to target. Stacks up to 10 times.
Lapuree is a dark dragon who was hatched in the depths of Pandemonium. Like other dark dragons, Lapuree produces a highly corrosive poison. Lapuree's favorite pastime is watching her enemies writhe in agony under the effects of her powerful toxin.
Darkthunder Arrow: Launches an attack of concentrated electrical energy to increase the caster's CRIT Rate and inflict Lightning Damage on enemies.

Abysmal Thunder: Strikes the enemy down with hellish lightning. Inflicts massive Lightning Damage on targets in a linear path.

Nyquist's Wisdom:
CRIT +x, CRIT DMG +20%.
Nyquist is the earthly manifestation of storms raging in Pandemonium. His Abysmal Thunder technique is particularly fearsome. He has joined the Envoys of Gaia in order to unlock the mysteries of Terran weather system, which differ greatly from those of his home.
Flaming Charge: A charging strike which channels the caster's blistering anger to inflict massive Flame Damage.

Hellish Furnace: Uses "The Flame of Pandemonium" to call forth a Hellish Furnace, inflicting Flame Damage on nearby enemies and decreasing their attack damage.

Courage of Saga:
Max HP +x, Damage taken -10%.
Saga is a fearless and formidable Hellberserker. He uses his shield and sword, "The Flames of Pandemonium" to manipulate raw hellfire and destroy his enemies. Having found no warrior to equal, he joined the Envoys of Gaia to search the expanses of Terra for an opponent worthy of his blade.
Haunting Whip: After a charge-up period, lashes out at targets with a whip and inflicts Dark Damage.

Kiss of Succubus: Blows fragrant kisses in five directions in front of the caster, inflicting Dark Damage upon enemies and restoring the caster's HP.

Alia's Charm:
Player's attacks restores x HP to themselves.
Alia is a seductive and deadly female demon. She is adept at using her charms to lure the enemies into carefully designed traps. She also uses whip attacks to leech enemies' life force and restore her own HP in battle.
Glacier Shot: Uses "The Kiss of Death" to perform a bewildered attack, inflicting Ice Damage and reducing the target's Move Speed.

Brisk Chill: An inimitable lance technique that significantly raises Attack Speed and Damage.

Shaiya's Pride:
Player's attacks inflicts x extra damage.
Shaiya is the most feared killer in Pandemonium. His preferred tool of destruction, a lance called "The Kiss of Death", can reduce his enemies to tears and cause them to falter. Shaiya's lover, robbed of her wits by a treacherous conjurer, has been rendered unresponsive and teeters on the edge of death. To find a way to save his lover, he has joined the Envoys of Gaia and has come to Terra.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Left PathEdit

WM Nether Realm Acolyte
Nether Realm Acolyte
In the Nether Realm, souls are chained to their torment. There is no escape, no unity, no identity. This is true misery.
Summons countless tormented souls from Hell to haunt your enemies. Souls will bite targets continuously.
Deals x DPS, stacking up to 3 times. Deals additional DMG equal to 5% of the user's DMG stat. Lasts 12.0 secs.
Skill-Aura Boost
Aura Boost
Use your aura to wake the extra power asleep within you.
"Purgatory Bats" Improvements: Damage over time +6%.
"Shadowflame Toss" Improvements: Inflict additional damage over time for 10 seconds.

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect.

"Purgatory Bats" Improvements: Damage over time +8%.
"Shadowflame Toss" Improvements: Inflict powerful additional damage over time for 10 seconds.
Skill-Presence of the Nether Realm
Presence of the Nether Realm
Draw powerful energy from the Nether Realm.
DMG +4%
CRIT +4%

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect.

DMG +6%
CRIT +6%

Right PathEdit

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will definitely kill me. If pronounced in the correct way, these words can produce power beyond imagining.
WM Master of Curses
Master of Curses
Casts the Forbidden Spell to inflict "Bloodthrist" status on your allies and summoned pets. DMG and CRIT Rate are significantly increased with this status.
Increases damage dealt by surrounding allies by x and CRIT by y. Lasts 30.0 secs.
Cast dreadful curses to your enemies through gnashing teeth and a dark gaze.
"Devil Incarnate" Improvements: Generate Dark magic around the target, dealing damage to all targets in range and reducing DMG recieved by 4% for 6 seconds.
"Bone Shield" Improvements: Recover HP to party members inflicted with Bone Shield based on their DMG.

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect:

"Devil Incarnate" Improvements: Generate Dark magic around the target, dealing damage to all targets in range and reducing DMG recieved by 6% for 6 seconds.
"Bone Shield" Improvements: Recover HP to party members by a small amount.
Skill-Hand on the Trigger
Hand on the Trigger
This spell triggers a massive surge of power, enchancing your capabilities.
Max HP +4%
Increased Attack Speed, and skill cooldown reduced by 6%.

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect:

Max HP +6%
Increased Attack Speed, and skill cooldown reduced by 8%.




Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese / Hong Kong) 鐮刀
Fantasy Frontier (Chinese) 镰刀
Innocent World (Japanese) サイズ (Scythe)
Aura Kingdom (Korean) 사이드 (Scythe)
Aura Kingdom (French) Faux
Aura Kingdom (German) Nekromant
Aura Kingdom (Spanish) Shinigami

See alsoEdit

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