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Port Skandia is a location in the world of Terra, located in South Midgard of Grazeus.


"It means that a hero who will save the world will be born here. But it also says... the hero could become a demon that could destroy the very fabric of our universe."
-- Flower to the Envoy, after deciphering the ruins statue

Located at the southern tip of South Midgard, Grazeus, Port Skandia is a quiet, prosperous port nestled between forested mountains and the sea. It serves its own military personnel, the Garrisons, led by Kane. Despite being a quiet and serene fishing village, many changes take place out of sight, unbeknownst to the average traveler.

An ancient ruin can be found in the forest of Port Skandia, which, if the text of the ruins is deciphered, states that a hero will be born in Skandia, but he may also become a demon capable of destroying the fabric of the universe. A problem arises when the village chief's son is kidnapped by Brian, who one day came into contact with a spirit then the next tainted with an evil curse, changing his personality entirely. Brian assaulted the residents of Skandia and has retreated to a hidden cave, holding the village chief's son captive. It was then that the local adventurer with an Eidolon stopped Brian, transformed as a demon from Pandemonium. Fearing of becoming like Brian, the adventurer departs Port Skandia to learn more about himself and the Eidolon and for the safety of the natives.

Port Skandia serves as the starting location for all new players. The monsters tend to be weak and less aggressive than the monsters outside of Port Skandia.

Places of interestsEdit



Skandia is a port town and home to most of the natives in Port Skandia. Established alongside the ocean, Skandia serves as a dock for ships. Fish make their territory around the dock and coast. A lighthouse is built on the edge of the cliff.

Skandia is run by the village chief York, who is married to Sheila. Many of the residents include Anita, Betsy, Corey, and the Envoy of Gaia.

Logging SiteEdit

Port Skandia - Logging Site

Logging Site

The Logging Site is located just outside the town of Port Skandia. Several lumberjacks can be found cutting through the trees. Bunnyhops and antelopes also roam the site, along with the rare monster, the Local Bully Bunnyhop Boss.

Statue RuinsEdit

Port Skandia - Statue Ruins

Statue Ruins

The Statue Ruins is located north of the Logging Site. The entrance to the Ruins Cave, home of the Giant of the Ruins Keda, can be found near the ruins. Petal and Forest Fairies swarm the area. Flower can be found examining the area for old relics. According to the translated relic fragments found in Statue Ruins, "a hero will be born here, but he may also become a demon that could destroy the fabric of the universe."

Hushglen HollowEdit

Port Skandia - Hushglen Hollow

Hushglen Hollow

In the northeastern area of Port Skandia is the Hushglen Hollow. One can find the lone home of Elena. The Immortal Bird Sunbird King is found near the cliff side of the hollow.

Timbria ForestEdit

Port Skandia - Timbria Forest

Timbria Forest

Timbria Forest make up the northwestern portion of Port Skandia. A quiet streaming river flows through the forest, with the entrance to the Hidden Cave can be found in the northeastern area. Garrison soldiers are working diligently to stop the twisted monster Brian.

Port Skandia - Ringwood


The portal to Helonia Coast is found northwest of the forest, known as Ringwood. It is frequented by the residents of Skandia.



  • Forest Hunter Bentley (X:455, Y:544)
  • Foreman Caine (X:288, Y:297)
  • Village Doctor Cal (X:204, Y:344)
  • Witch Elena (X:571, Y:549)
  • Witch's Assistant Flower (X:250, Y:461)
  • Garrison Captain Kane (X:545, Y:670)
  • Chief's Wife Sheila (X:529, Y:345)
  • Garrison Member Willie (X:387, Y:540)
  • Village Chief York (X:558, Y:228)


  • GrocerNPCicon Grocer Anita (X:489, Y:312)
  • ArmorNPCicon Armor Merchant Betsy (X:506, Y:279)
  • MerchanctNPCicon Weapon Merchant Corey (X:528, Y:276)
  • MerchanctNPCicon Traveling Merchant Larry (X:397, Y:450)
  • Blue Ticket Cashier Paige (X:504, Y:340)
  • Red Ticket Cashier Pierce (X:504, Y:343)
  • GrocerNPCicon Anglers Anonymous Merchant Seth (X:583, Y:297)
  • Resurrectionpointicon Priest Traveling Priest (X:428, Y:296)


  • Captain Brock (X:565, Y:286)
  • Fisherman (X:434, Y:577)
  • Fishing Assistant (X:583, Y:299)
  • Grandma (X:445, Y:267)
  • Honest Vegetable Vendor (X:516, Y:276)
  • Caine's Girlfriend Ida (X:456, Y:270)
  • Older Sister and Younger Sister Illia and Lily (X:541, Y:366)
  • Collector Justin (X:514, Y:237)
  • Kenny and Barbie (X:476, Y:240)
  • Lance and Lando (X:638, Y:313)
  • Lulu (X:410, Y:614)
  • Lumberjack Foreman and Lumberjack (X:310, Y:333)
  • Girl Millia (X:436, Y:333)
  • Professional Fisherman (X:345, Y:662)
  • Romeo and Juliet (X:613, Y:269)
  • Delivery Person Roy (X:233, Y:653)
  • Sam and Peter (X:502, Y:351)
  • Shifty Merchant and Housekeeper (X:535, Y:298)
  • Girl Theia (X:532, Y:346)
  • Wine Merchant Vincent (X:464, Y:314)
  • Lighthouse Manager Warren (X:559, Y:226)
  • Painter Westen (X:482, Y:424)
  • Young Traveler (X:579, Y:462)
For a full list of characters, see Category:Port Skandia NPCs.

Merchant vendorsEdit

Service grocer Anglers Anonymous Merchant
Legendary Fishing Bait Fortune Bag 50 Token
Fly Fishing Rod 250 Token
Sea Angler's Hat 150 Token
Sea Angler's Vest 150 Token
Sea Angler's Bracers 150 Token
Sea Angler's Sandals 150 Token
All fishing merchants sell the same standard equipment and bait. See Fishing#Equipment and bait


Aggr Coord
03 Yellow X:355, Y:325
 Mischievous Bunnyhop
Aggr Coord
03 Yellow X:288, Y:258
 Bunnyhop Boss
<Local Bully>
Aggr Coord
03 Yellow X:392, Y:370
 Floppy-Eared Antelope
Aggr Coord
05 Yellow X:232, Y:352
 Petal Fairy
Aggr Coord
06 Yellow X:291, Y:483
 Forest Fairy
Aggr Coord
07 Yellow X:302, Y:451
Aggr Coord
08 Yellow X:460, Y:469
 Sunbird King
<Immortal Bird>
Aggr Coord
09 Yellow X:448, Y:436
 Grass Sprout
Aggr Coord
09 Yellow X:497, Y:583
 Mischievous Sprout
Aggr Coord
09 Yellow X:511, Y:524


School of FishEdit

School of Fish icon
School of Fish
Small Shrimp
Western Saury
Red Shark
Copper Shark
Miracle Cube
King Fish

School of Fish icon
<Ocean Tyrant>
Copper Shark Fish
X:825, Y:343
Prince Saury
Times are based on the server time (GMT -4)
Tuesday at 1 AM
Tuesday at 9 AM
Tuesday at 5 PM


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