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Port Skandia is a location in the world of Terra, located in South Midgard of Grazeus.


"It means that a hero who will save the world will be born here. But it also says... the hero could become a demon that could destroy the very fabric of our universe."
— Flower to the Envoy, after deciphering the ruins statue

Located at the southern tip of South Midgard, Port Skandia is a quiet, prosperous port nestled between forested mountains and the sea. It serves its own military personnel, the Garrisons, led by Kane. Despite being a quiet and serene fishing village, many changes take place out of sight, unbeknownst to the average traveler.

Port Skandia serves as the starting location for all new players. The monsters tend to be weak and less aggressive than the monsters outside of Port Skandia. Every player here are the Garrison Member of Skandia Templar Knights before resigning due to being an Envoy of Gaia.

An ancient ruin can be found in the forest of Port Skandia, which, if the text of the ruins is deciphered, states that a hero will be born in Skandia, but he may also become a demon capable of destroying the fabric of the universe. A problem arises when the village chief's son is kidnapped by Brian, who one day came into contact with a spirit. This tainted him with an evil curse, changing his personality entirely. Brian assaulted the residents of Skandia and retreated to a hidden cave, where he held the village chief's son captive. It was then a garrison member with an Eidolon came to stop him. Due to the curse and his hunger of power, Brian transformed into a demon from Pandemonium. With the fear of becoming like Brian, the Envoy resigns from the garrison member and departs from Port Skandia to learn more about themself and the Eidolon for the safety of the natives.


The Nightmare fatigues the Envoy greatly, causing thoughts to be fractured and sluggish. Relieved that it was just a terrible dream, the Envoy wakes up, but regrets not seeing its end. The people in the Envoy's dream seemed important and powerful, not at all like the people at the small fishing village. How exactly did the dream end? The Envoy had a long way to find out but right now, Envoy realize that Willie yelled something to Envoy.

Skandia Garrison and Investigating the Missing Village Chief's SonEdit

Fully awakened from the dream in Dimensional Belt despite suffering the fatigue from the Nightmares, Willie scolds the Envoy about their position as a Garrison member of Port Skandia Militia and reminding Envoy's job to deliver the goods today with Sheila. After delivering the goods to the Village Chief Wife Sheila and apologizing for the behavior, the Chief Wife accepts the apology. In exchange however, she wants the Jam that was just arrived from the port today to be delivered to Anita, Betsy and Corey while also asking about Joel's whereabouts. After gaining information, Sheila became more worried but set that aside as she gave a lunchbox to be delivered to her husband, York while also advising to start save up some money and finding suitable jobs to the Envoy. After delivering the lunch box, Warren recommend the Envoy to go to the Logging Site to meet up with Caine in order to get a job as a lumberjack.

When Envoy got there, Caine ask Brian's whereabout and Envoy said doesn't know about him. Putting the problem aside, Caine ask Envoy to clear out Mischievious Bunnyhops and Bunnyhops that serves as a threat to slow down the delivery progress. After clearing the bunnyhops, Caine ask you to retrieve the new cutted woods and after getting it he give Envoy hammer to wake up the sleeping lumberjack. After succeding in awaking them however, Envoy feel dizzy and knocked out with no reason and Caine bring Envoy to Cal. After awake from dizziness, Cal said that Envoy might got overworked or such despite has good physical condition but somehow other symptoms can be put to consideration as well like nightmares that makes less sleep. After getting better, Cal request Envoy to defeat the Antelope to retrieve their blood in order to make some medicine. After collecting the blood, Cal promote Envoy to become his assistant but when he mixing the mushroom he realize he hasn't gather mushrooms lately as he check the supplies so once again Envoy is tasked to collect the wild mushrooms grows around the trees. After collecting it, Cal give the completed potion to Envoy and drink it. Instead of refreshed, Envoy got dizzy as Envoy can feel surge of power flowing around the veins of Envoy's body. Experienced it, Envoy told the symptoms to Cal much to his surprise that the medicine was suppose to not have any side effect and in addition the light blue orb appears.

Mystery of the Blue OrbEdit

Surprised, Cal expect that it was not his fault as his intention was to make refreshing potion but instead it effect something else to the Envoy and he never see anyone react like Envoy before when drinking his medicine. To get explanation further Cal send Envoy to meet up with Witch's assistant, Flower. Flower states that she also seen this blue light orb like this before. Elena dispatch her to decipher the language but her finished translation got stolen and the fairies prevent her to get near ruins again so she task Envoy to clear up the fairies. After clearing them out, Beebis runs towards them and pacing around Envoy. Giving up on Beebis, Flower decide to focus on her task and since she in such a hurry to decipher it while Envoy also find some ruin fragment she entrust Envoy to collect it while also retrieve the stolen language from Giant of the Ruins. After retrieving the stolen language information, Flower manage to decipher it.

She said that "A hero who will save the world will be born here but it also says the hero could become a demon that could destroy every fabric of the universe" She also stated that Brian also have the same light blue orb as Envoy and he came looking for Elena. At first he believe he was cursed but next day his personality is completely changed not only he trashed Elena's house but also break her staff in two so Flower tell Envoy to stay alert. She want to keep Beebis but it want to stay with Envoy so she let Envoy use Beebis. After gaining information that Brian is fleeing to the forest and Skandia garrison are investigating the case right now, Flower told Envoy that Willie could hold some clues.

Resuming the pursuit of Brian Edit

Meeting up with Willie, he is curious why Envoy is looking for Brian as well and Envoy shake head when Willie ask that if Envoy know him. Willie gave information that he attack the residents and recently he just attacked Larry, a travelling merchant. Before leave, Willie ask Envoy to clear out Sunbird that kept steal their fruit and after clearing them out Envoy meet up with Larry. When Envoy ask about him, Larry remember that he smack his wagon with his hand causing the supplies to be scattered..

He rant as he want compensation but he calm his mind and Envoy lend Larry hand by collecting the supplies that was scattered. After helping him, he feel grateful and he give the package for Bentley that contains dried food. Since his wagon is destroyed, he leave the task to the Envoy. When Envoy meet up with Bentley, Envoy is surprised to see Bentley is wounded and he told that Brian is the one who did this. Because of his wound he seek Envoy's help by collecting Sticky Secreton and Cooling Liquid from sprouts. After collecting it, he express his gratitude and he gave token of friendship to Envoy to meet up with Elena. After meeting up with Elena, she explain that Brian's spirit was suddenly transformed into Black Panther. She tell Envoy that her house was attacked and her staff was broken into two. She was curious about Beebis that stay close to the Envoy and when Envoy ask for help to remove the spirit and Elena want her staff to be fixed and powered up again in order to perform it. She give Envoy Water Gem, Tree Gem and Magic Gem After powering the gem up, Envoy bring it up to Elena and her staff has just been repaired. She tell Envoy that if this work then the spirit will go away but if it fails and the spirit take over, she will defeat Envoy. Envoy agreed with this and Elena start the exorcism spell but because of the pain taken by the Envoy she stops the incantation spell.

Awakening of Eidolon Edit

Instead of vanished, the spirit turns into an Eidolon much to both Envoy and Elena surprise. When both looked at Eidolon in awe, Willie rushes in to deliver report that their captan, Kane has found his hideout but he ask Elena that if the Envoy is also cursed and Elena said that she doesn't know what to answer since the Eidolon that accompany the Envoy does not have any intention of harming others. When Willie goes away, Elena told Envoy to use her Beebis Ostrich to get to Kane and hopefully they can also figure out from Brian as well what kind of creature that serves as Envoy's Eidolon. The strange creature offers aid but the Envoy feel helpless as the top priority now is to find Brian then Envoy can figure what to do later.

Envoy meet with up Kane however he told Envoy to return to the village but he is also surprise to see strange creature on Envoy's side. Kane want to draw the weapon but his word of saying that the strange creature is a monster pains Envoy much. Instead of continuing the discussion, Envoy ask Kane to clarify the situation for Brian's hideout. Kane told that they we're ambushed by Black Panther when they want to rescue Joel, Village Chief son. Envoy told Kane about the strange creature case and hoping he will allow you to enter the cave which Kane reluctantly agrees since it's best to make cursed person head to head and Envoy went inside the cave.

Head to Head with BrianEdit

Inside the cave, Envoy can find several dead guards and venturing deeper Envoy meet up with Brian and the Black Panther that hold Joel captive. When Envoy got there, he was cornered by the Garrison member but they are quickly defeated by Brian and Black Panther. Seeing Envoy, Black Panther move to attack but the strange creature stops its movement. Brian offers Envoy to join him and collect the sould of the dead, placing the despicable villagers aside to fullfill his ambition of power and putting his weakness aside but Envoy reply with fighting stance.

After battle, Brian was heavily wounded and the Black Panther also defeated but he ask more power and offering his soul, he was turned into Pandemounium Creature as Twisted Brian and charge to Envoy once again without his Black Panther. However due to Envoy's wits and cooperation with strange creature he was defeated again. He state that he put his weakness aside only to seek for more power but when he ask for more power again he cannot control it instead the darkness slowly take him. His last word to Envoy is someday you will also seek power no matter what the price is and he will be watching from Pandemonium shores before he vanished.

After the battle ends Elena, York, Sheila and Kane hurriedly went into the cave to see Joel and Joel is scared to see Brian transformed into Pandemonium creature.

Post battle, resigning from Skandia Garrison and departure Edit

Kane want Envoy to leave the village since no one can guarantee that Envoy can go crazy anytime for the safety of the village but Joel want Envoy to stay since Envoy is Joel's hero. Because of what happened to Brian, he feel unsafe and he want Envoy to leave immediately at once.

Envoy talks to Elena and ask that will Envoy have the same fate as Brian as well, bloodthirsty, savage monster as well but Elena can't answer it. Joel says that if the Envoy doesn't save him from Brian, he may never see his parents again but everyone seems hesitate while Sheila also try to find better solution as well. She states that if Envoy got a problem, Envoy can inform the village and doesn't need to carry the burden alone. She want to continue talk but since everyone is exhausted, Sheila reccomend everyone to have a rest for today.

After resting for one night, Envoy try to talk to strange creature and it reassures that they will stay at Envoy's side. The strange creature introduce themself as Eidolon that exist everywhere you are and not and they hide within the transforming power of Envoy's spirit. The Eidolon says that they connect Envoy with Gaia and right now they grow with the power of Envoy's spirit but when become weak and frail, darkness can devour Envoy just like what happened to Brian as the Envoy will lose themself and distroted their mind. After some consideration, Envoy decide to leave the village to find away to separate Eidolon from Envoy even they have to travel to the ends of earth. Sheila can't say anything since Envoy made up their mind. Envoy also decide to resign from Garrison after what happened yesterday.

Envoy bid farewell to Anita, Betsy and Corey at the village and after that Sheila ask Envoy where to go and although not sure, Envoy will probably travel to the big city to seek for clues or maybe someone that can separate the spirit from Envoy. Sheila gave reccomendation that Envoy can set the course to Helonia Coast to search for Starlight Treasure Chest. Legend said that what contain inside it can chase the evil spirits away. Hearing that, Envoy brighten a bit and since Helonia Coast is on the North west of Skandia, Envoy can go there and investigate.

She advice that once reach Helonia Coast, Envoy should search for Luther, a Helonia merchant to get information about the treasure. With Sheila's information, Envoy's journey now serves a purpose and everything are packed up but Elena's Beebis has followed Envoy the whole time. Envoy reassure that despite the short time spending together, it is quite heartbreaking to say goodbye to him but Sheila want Envoy to take Beebis along as well, reassuring that Elena won't mind giving him to the Envoy.

As everyone is gathered, each of the bid their farewell and since it's getting late once again they say goodbye to the Envoy as the new adventure begins.

Places of interestsEdit



Skandia is a port town and home to most of the natives in Port Skandia. Established alongside the ocean, Skandia serves as a dock for ships. Fish make their territory around the dock and coast. A lighthouse is built on the edge of the cliff.

Skandia is run by the village chief York, who is married to Sheila. Many of the residents include Anita, Betsy, Corey, and the Envoy of Gaia.

Logging SiteEdit

Port Skandia - Logging Site

Logging Site

The Logging Site is located just outside the town of Port Skandia. Several lumberjacks can be found cutting through the trees. Bunnyhops and antelopes also roam the site, along with the rare monster, the Local Bully Bunnyhop Boss.

Statue RuinsEdit

Port Skandia - Statue Ruins

Statue Ruins

The Statue Ruins is located north of the Logging Site. The entrance to the Ruins Cave, home of the Giant of the Ruins Keda, can be found near the ruins. Petal and Forest Fairies swarm the area. Flower can be found examining the area for old relics. According to the translated relic fragments found in Statue Ruins, "a hero will be born here, but he may also become a demon that could destroy the fabric of the universe."

Hushglen HollowEdit

Port Skandia - Hushglen Hollow

Hushglen Hollow

In the northeastern area of Port Skandia is the Hushglen Hollow. One can find the lone home of Elena. The Immortal Bird Sunbird King is found near the cliff side of the hollow.

Timbria ForestEdit

Port Skandia - Timbria Forest

Timbria Forest

Timbria Forest make up the northwestern portion of Port Skandia. A quiet streaming river flows through the forest, with the entrance to the Hidden Cave can be found in the northeastern area. Garrison soldiers are working diligently to stop the twisted monster Brian.

Port Skandia - Ringwood


The portal to Helonia Coast is found northwest of the forest, known as Ringwood. It is frequented by the residents of Skandia.




  • Forest Hunter Bentley (X:455, Y:544)
  • Foreman Caine (X:288, Y:297)
  • Village Doctor Cal (X:204, Y:344)
  • Witch Elena (X:571, Y:549)
  • Witch's Assistant Flower (X:250, Y:461)
  • Garrison Captain Kane (X:545, Y:670)
  • Chief's Wife Sheila (X:529, Y:345)
  • Garrison Member Willie (X:387, Y:540)
  • Village Chief York (X:558, Y:228)


  • GrocerNPCicon Grocer Anita (X:489, Y:312)
  • ArmorNPCicon Armor Merchant Betsy (X:506, Y:279)
  • MerchanctNPCicon Weapon Merchant Corey (X:528, Y:276)
  • MerchanctNPCicon Traveling Merchant Larry (X:397, Y:450)
  • Yellow Ticket Cashier Aya (X:505, Y:340)
  • Yellow Ticket Cashier Suzy (X:506, Y:344)
  • GrocerNPCicon Anglers Anonymous Merchant Seth (X:583, Y:297)
  • BlacksmithNPCicon Refining Dream Team Blacksmith Keith (X:474, Y:536)
  • GrocerNPCicon Refining Dream Team Hunter Talia (X:475, Y:538)
  • Archaeologist Merchant Rague (X:244, Y:454)
  • Resurrectionpointicon Priest Traveling Priest (X:428, Y:296)


  • Daisy (X:415, Y:338)
  • Captain Brock (X:565, Y:286)
  • Fisherman (X:434, Y:577)
  • Fishing Assistant (X:583, Y:299)
  • Grandma (X:445, Y:267)
  • Honest Vegetable Vendor (X:516, Y:276)
  • Caine's Girlfriend Ida (X:456, Y:270)
  • Older Sister and Younger Sister Illia and Lily (X:541, Y:366)
  • Collector Justin (X:514, Y:237)
  • Kenny and Barbie (X:476, Y:240)
  • Lance and Lando (X:638, Y:313)
  • Lulu (X:410, Y:614)
  • Lumberjack Foreman and Lumberjack (X:310, Y:333)
  • Girl Millia (X:436, Y:333)
  • Professional Fisherman (X:345, Y:662)
  • Romeo and Juliet (X:613, Y:269)
  • Delivery Person Roy (X:233, Y:653)
  • Sam and Peter (X:502, Y:351)
  • Shifty Merchant and Housekeeper (X:535, Y:298)
  • Girl Theia (X:532, Y:346)
  • Wine Merchant Vincent (X:464, Y:314)
  • Lighthouse Manager Warren (X:559, Y:226)
  • Painter Westen (X:482, Y:424)
  • Young Traveler (X:579, Y:462)


Service grocer Anglers Anonymous Merchant
Legendary Fishing Bait Fortune Bag 50 Token
Fly Fishing Rod 250 Token
Sea Angler's Hat 150 Token
Sea Angler's Vest 150 Token
Sea Angler's Bracers 150 Token
Sea Angler's Sandals 150 Token
All fishing merchants sell the same standard equipment and bait. See Fishing#Equipment and bait


Aggr Coord
03 Passive X:355, Y:325
Mischievous Bunnyhop
Aggr Coord
03 Passive X:288, Y:258
Bunnyhop Boss
<Local Bully>
Aggr Coord
03 Passive X:392, Y:370
Floppy-Eared Antelope
Aggr Coord
05 Passive X:232, Y:352
Petal Fairy
Aggr Coord
06 Passive X:291, Y:483
Forest Fairy
Aggr Coord
07 Passive X:302, Y:451
Aggr Coord
08 Passive X:460, Y:469
Sunbird King
<Immortal Bird>
Aggr Coord
09 Passive X:448, Y:436
Grass Sprout
Aggr Coord
09 Passive X:497, Y:583
Mischievous Sprout
Aggr Coord
09 Passive X:511, Y:524



Service auctioneer

School of FishEdit

School of Fish icon
School of Fish
King Fish
School of Fish icon
<Ocean Tyrant>
Copper Shark King
X:825, Y:343
Prince Saury
Times are based on the server time (GMT -5)

Tuesday at 1 AM
Tuesday at 9 AM
Tuesday at 5 PM


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Location Type - World Field   Terra
South Midgard Navea
Port Skandia (1-10)Helonia Coast (11-20)Crescent Hill (20-30)Cactakara Forest (30-40)
Demarech Mines (40-45)Triatio Highlands (45-50)Candeo Marsh (45-50)Ventos Prairie (50-55)
North Midgard Oblitus Wood (50-55)Star Sand Desert (50-55)Vulture's Vale (60-65)Blizzard Berg (60-65)
Rainmist Reach (62-65)Emerald Marsh (62-65)Starstruck Plateau (66-70)Silent Ice Field (66-70)
Port Morton (70-75)Candetonn Hill (70-75)
Principia Viridian Steppe (75-80)Desolate Valley (75-80)Tanglevine Cascades (80-??)Sunhunter's Vale (80-??)

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