Player Stats are the stats displayed from the Character interface (C) to the right of the character.


The Envoy can accumulate points into these stats they earn through gaining Experience Points (EXP). The Envoy will accquire both offensive and defensive points, which they can accumulate to the stat that is corresponding under the right tab. When reaching the cap investment of a stat, which is 99 points for all stats, the Envoy will be forced to accumulate on another stat.

The Envoy can automatically accumulate to stats by pressing the Auto next to the available point bar. The Envoy can then customize the stat as they pleases. The Envoy can also reset the stats by clicking the Reset button next to the Auto button. There will be a fee however to reset the stats, but is generally very cheap.



Damage (shortened DMG) displays how much damage the Envoy can dish out on her oppenents. This damages is further increased and decreased by multiple factors like buffs, debuffs, instance dimishing etc. The factors that determines the Envoy's DMG are:

  • Weapon Damage. The weapon is the main source to damage and can be further boosted by having higher base %, fortifying and star fusioning it.
  • Gear Damage Stat. All gears that has offers flat DMG boost will directly add the Envoy's base DMG. Enchantment cards for gears also count (not costume).
  • Additive DMG %. Everything that offers a DMG boost in % will directly be added to the Envoy's DMG depending on %.
  • Flat Damage. Other sources of DMG like titles, fishing gears, Weapon Mastery, etc. will also increase the Envoy's DMG.

Please note that these terms and factors applies to all stats when raising the stat with some exceptions for each stat.

Each point increases 0.35% DMG.

Damage over Time (DoT) debuffs does not deal damage according to the Weapon Damage. To see what kind of DMG DoT uses, please take off your weapon. Of course, DoT also scales depending on the DMG boost but is not boosted by multiplicative DMG like detailed DMG or elemental DMG.


Crit (or CRIT) is what determines if the Envoy will deal a critial hit or not. The amount of DMG that a critical hit boost is determined on the amount of Critical Damage (CRIT DMG) the Envoy has. The more CRIT DMG, the more will the critical hit deal.

Each point invested will increase 0.25% of the Envoy's current CRIT.

The % of CRIT displayed on the Envoy is only acccurate if the Envoy is facing an enemy with the same level as the Envoy. Against higher level enemies, the % of CRIT will decrease bit by bit depending on the difference of level.

DoT and healing skills are also be affected by CRIT and CRIT DMG.


Speed (SPD) determines how fast the Envoy's skill cooldown (CD) are, how fast the Envoy will attack with Auto Attacks (Attack SPD/also known as AA) and how long it takes to cast/charge the skill.

Each point invested increases 0.30% SPD.



Health (HP) is the most essential stat that let the Envoy stay alive. When this bar hits 0, that means the Envoy is dead. Investing on HP will increase the Envoy's Max HP and out-of-combat HP regeneration.

One point increases 0.58% HP.


Defense (DEF) reduces the amount of damage the Envoy take. The amount is based on % against enemies with the same level and, like CRIT, decreases depending on the level gap.

Spending a point in DEF increases the Envoy's DEF by 0.20%.


Evasion (EVA) is a % based chance that lets the Envoy evade the attack completely and thus nullify the whole attack. However, this stat can be counterattacked with ACC, which is very common among boss-type monsters and high-level enemies. Overcapping EVA does not help against ACC.

One point invested increases 0.35% EVA.

Derived StatsEdit

Stat Description
CRIT DMG When you do CRIT, determines how much more you hurt them! The cap is 300% with some exceptions for some classes.
Accuracy Increase your chance to hit enemies (cancels target's evasion).
Heal Determines your G-Heal and P-Healing when using healing skill. G-Healing (HEAL %) determines how much you heal every time and while P-Healing only determines how much you heal on yourself.
Movement Determines how fast you move around.

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