Meteor Cannon
Cooldown              10.0s
Attack Skill Damage: XXX
Expend your energy in one great blast to trigger a shockwave like a meteor's impact, dealing Light damage to any enemies caught in the blast radius.


Meteorcannon-skillicon Meteor CannonCooldown 10 seconds GCDIcon 1.3 seconds Light
Target None
Weapon Type Cannon
Level Level 18 (Main)
Level 49 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier 140%
Range AoE Range 7m
Effect Deals damage to targets.


Primary Cannon SalvoFiery GrenadePlasma CannonMachine Gun TurretIcy GrenadeMeteor CannonHealing CrystalSuppressing Fire
Weapon Mastery Left Phase Shift Laser
Right Heavy Destroyer
Combo Gunslinger Ferocious SalvoOverchargeFiring Line
Duelist Gale BladeWhirling DragonRocket Sword
Holy Sword Shadow CounterBanishing SlashVortex Slash

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