Cheery Sylph
Base: 10 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Sprinter I Move SPD +5%
2-starbuff Combat Medic I HEAL +5%
3-starbuff Absorptive II Convert 2% of damage dealt by skills into HP.*
Floating in capriciously on the northern winds, Merrilee is a sylph wielding the element of ice. Skilled in spirit magic, she supports her friends with powerful defensive boons and brings ruin to her enemies with razor sharp icicles and crushing blocks of ice. A sociable spirit, she loves to protect people. While it’s a bit vain, she takes great pride in her beautiful hair, and uses a small amount of magic to keep it perfectly styled.
Merrilee's bubbly personality and can-do attitude make her a perfect partner. She does her best to keep you safe with defensive spells and healing magics, but she can also turn the tables on foes with vicious ice attacks.
Single Target: CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Area of Effect: UncompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Defensive: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar
Evasive: CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Heal: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Support: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar


Merrilee is obtained by choosing her as your starter Eidolon.


2 Star
3 Star


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Frozen Rose Attack Ice Merrilee shapes ice crystals into a delicate rose, dealing powerful Ice damage to the target.
Hot and Cold Attack Ice Merrilee sears her hot love into icy snow, dealing Ice damage and additional damage over time to the target.
The Power of Love Assist Merrilee weaves powerful emotions with the magic of her wand to create a magical shield that bestows health regeneration on party members.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
As Cold As Ice Guardian Ice Merrilee's frosty chain combo deals Ice damage to enemies and generates large amounts of malice.
Icicle Spike Duelist Ice A wild ice strike that erupts at Merrilee's command, dealing Ice damage to enemies and draining their health to recover your own.
Frosty Exhale Ravager,
Holy Sword
Ice Merilee responds to your feelings, blowing out a wave of frost that hits enemies with heavy ice damage.
Chill Out Wizard Ice Merrilee draws on your coolness to blast enemies with a frosty wave that also lowers their CRIT rate.
Violent Ice Storm Gunslinger,
Ice There's no stopping Merrilee's blizzardly blast, which deals Ice damage to enemies and knocks them back.
Deadly Romance Grenadier,
Ice Merrille transforms your feelings of romance into a snow-white shower that crackles around enemies, dealing Ice damage.
Absolute Zero Sorcerer Ice Merrilee chills enemies with a sub-zero strike that deals Ice damage to enemies and additional damage over time.
Frozen Ballet Bard Ice Merrilee twirls in a breezy dance that chills enemies to their core, dealing Ice damage and slowing them.

Eidolon's WishEdit

Merrilee's Bad Hair Day IEdit

"The weather's been too terrible lately, my hair looks awful."
"If only I had a special flower that makes silky-smooth conditioner..."
"Collecting these items is tough! Master must really care about me."

Merrilee's Bad Hair Day IIEdit

"Speaking of conditioner, I've heard that collagen can make hair smooth and luxurious."
"Wow! Are these for me? Thank you! Merrilee is overjoyed."

Merrilee's Lesson in Love IEdit

"What types of things do girls like? Master has a crush on someone. Hmm..."
"I've heard that girls love shiny, sparkly gems!"
"No way, is that for me?! Merrilee is overjoyed."

Merrilee's Lesson in Love IIEdit

"To really impress your partner, send her a handmade dish."
"Merrilee could give Master a few tips... giving her these items is sure to be a hit!"
"And now - Merrilee's cooking lesson. But remember, the most important ingredient is sincerity!"

Merrilee's Lesson in Love IIIEdit

"Great love is often born on the battlefield, you know."
"Girls can't resist a brave fighter. Talk about spoils of war!"
"Wow, Master is so amazing! Even I can't help falling in love."

Merrilee's Gift of GratitudeEdit

"Serif's been so nice lately, and I'd love to get him something as a token of gratitude..."
"Ah, I have an idea! But I might need a hand getting some of the materials..."
"Wonderful, thank you! I really hope Serif likes it."


To see this Eidolon's Linking, Conversative, and Non-Conversative conversations click the link below.


Star meri
The image gallery for Merrilee may be viewed here.



Merrilee is based on Eve, the first woman according to the creation myth and Abrahamic religions.


Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese) 夏娃 (Eve)
Innocent World (Japanese) ヴィヴィ (Vivi)
Aura Kingdom (Korean) 이브 (Eve)
Fantasy Frontier (Thai) Eve
Aura Kingdom (French) Evie
Aura Kingdom (German) Jorinde
Aura Kingdom (Spanish) Eva
Aura Kingdom (Portuguese) Eva


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