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Magic Book/Grimoire (Sorcerers)

Grimoire-Magic Book

幻想神域 Grimoire Magic book00:13

幻想神域 Grimoire Magic book

The construction of words can vary and be complicated. Not only can any negative debuffs and statuses can be created from various composites of words but certain combinations can create healing effects. Those who are adept with such talents are able to create an innumerable amount of skills.


Icon Name Level DMG
Grimoire-azuria Azuria Grimoire Level ?? 46887
Grimoire-aura Aura Grimoire Level 1  ??
Icon Name Level DMG
Grimoire Apprentice Grimoire Level 1 96
Grimoire05 Rookie Grimoire Level 8 298
Grimoire1 Beginner's Grimoire Level 8 298
Grimoire15 Pioneer's Tome Level 18 1150
Grimoire1 Explorer's Travel Log Level 18 1150
Grimoire25 Codex of Emerald Oak Level 28 2712
Grimoire1 Secrets of the Forest Level 28 2712
Grimoire3 Codex of Blue Maple Level 30 3774
Grimoire35 Book of Ripples Level 38 5033
Grimoire2 Grimoire of Echos Level 38 5033
Grimoire4 Book of Spring Level 40 6494
Grimoire45 Harvey's Grim Grimoire Level 40 8163
Grimoire5 Book of the Poison Marsh Level 40 8890
Grimoire55 Tome of Witch's Secrets Level 43 6494
Grimoire55 Grimoire of Exotic Flowers Level 45 8163
Grimoire6 Holm's Lost Tome of the Ancients Level 45 10450
Grimoire65 Book of the Arcane Level 48 8163
Grimoire7 Codex of Flourishing Flowers Level 48 8163
Grimoire1 Codex of the Violet Dream Level 48 8163
Grimoire75 Codex of Truth Level 50 10047
Grimoire8 Divine Codex of Arcanum Level 50 13056
Grimoire85 Cruel Tyrant's Grimoire Level 50 13056
Grimoire9 Codex of the First Village Level 50 12151
Grimoire95 Codex of Magic Level 55 12151
Grimoire100 Forbidden Codex of Vile Bone Level 55 12151
Grimoire105 Book of Beast Bones Level 58 12151
Grimoire110 Book of Illusions Level 58 12151
Grimoire115 Book of Rituals Level 60 14483
Grimoire120 Codex of the Machinist Level 60 14483
Grimoire125 Ancient Dwarven Codex Level 60 18141
Grimoire130 Forbidden Tome Level 60 18141
Grimoire135 Elite Guardian's Grimoire Level 60 18141
Grimoire140 Zaahir's Lexicon Demonica Level 60 15481
Grimoire145 Secret Book of the Giant Dragon Level 65 19272
Grimoire155 The Book of Seven Butterflies Level 65 19272
Grimoire160 Nazrudin's Grimoire of the Deep Level 65 19272
Grimoire165 Roseate Grimoire Level 65 17048
Grimoire170 Tortoiseshell Grimoire Level 65 17048
Grimoire175 Afflictive Grimoire Level 68 17048
Grimoire180 Peacewater Grimoire Level 68 17048
Grimoire185 Codex of Flourishing Flowers Level 70 19852
Grimoire190 Demon Crystal Grimoire Level 70 24193
Grimoire195 Overlord's Grimoire Level 70 24193
Grimoire200 Holy Code of Revelation Level 75 25524
Grimoire205 Holy Metaphoric Code Level 75 25524
Grimoire210 Sacred Decree Level 75 22903
Grimoire215 Searchlight Book Level 78 22903
Grimoire220 Abyssal Book Level 80 26205
Grimoire225 Ghodroon's Secret Abyssal Scriptures Level 80 31263
Grimoire230 Fallen Butcher's Grimoire Level 80 31263


Playable Weapons
Sword and Shield》《Dual Blades》《Great Axe》《Staff》《Dual Pistols》《Cannon
Magic Book》《Harp》《Katars》《Battle Bow》《Tachi》《Scythe》《Holy Sword》《Shuriken》《Magic Spear

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