Lv7. A Dark Future

Flower mentions a young man, Brian, who was also accompanied by a spirit. He destroyed a witch's house and her wand, then went missing. You need to meet with Willie and ask him about the situation.

Talk with Garrison Member Willie in Timbria Forest.

Completion Condition
Report to: Garrison Member Willie
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


Your heart races anxiously; you ask Flower about the message on the stone statue.


"Do you really want to know?" Flower looks at you, eyes welling with anxiety and fear.
"It means that a hero who will save the world will be born here. But it also says... the hero could become a demon that could destroy the very fabric of our universe."
"Not long ago, a teenaged boy named Brian came looking for Elena. Just like you, he also had a spirit with him."
"He firmly believed he was cursed by an evil spell, so he wanted to ask Elena for help. But the next day..."
"Brian's personality completely changed. He shattered everything in Elena's place and snapped her staff in two... I'm telling you this because you must stay vigilant."
"It's clear that Beebis doesn't see you as a dangerous person."


Worrying that you might end up like Brian, you tentatively ask what happened to him next.


"Brian fled to the forest. The village garrison is investigating this case right now. Maybe Garrison Member Willie will have some clues."


You nod, planning to ask Willie directly.


When you turn to leave, Beebis grabs your sleeve with its beak and gently pulls you back.


"Hmm, <Envoy>, it looks like you'll have to take Beebis with you. Perhaps he can serve as your mount for now. Elena won't mind if you take him out for a trip, I'm sure!"

Completing the QuestEdit


"Good lord, <Envoy>! You scared me to death! What are you doing here?!"