Lv6. Seek Professional Help

Cal can't explain the mysterious spirit that suddenly appears beside you. He suggests you go to the Statue at the Ruins to ask the Witch's Assistant, Flower, for help.

Go to the remains of the stone statue at Statue Ruins and talk with the Witch's assistant.

Completion Condition
Report to: Witch's Assistant Flower
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Why do you feel dizzy? Could you be allergic to the medicine? Here, look. How many fingers am I holding up?"


You suddenly faint.


"Hey! <Envoy>, what happened? maybe we ought to induce vomiting..."


You take deep breaths to control the dizziness. Your body begins to feel lighter as you fill your lungs with clean air.


"Something's appeared next to you. And, um, it's getting brighter..." Cal tries to mask his worry, but you can tell he is sweating.


You turn and see a Light Orb floating next to you. It emits a faint blue light. You have a feeling it was the cause of your dizziness.
You immediately ask Cal what is happening.
As you speak, the Blue Light Orb reacts as though it is answering your questions and begins hovering around your body.


"This... is just a bottle of Refreshing Potion. It can't make this kind of thing happen..."
"I don't understand. I've never seen anyone react this way to my medicine."


Awkward silence hangs in the air. After a moment, Cal takes a deep breath.


"All I can say is, um... <Envoy>, don't worry... you'd better go to the statue at the Statue Ruins right away. Find the Witch's Assistant, Flower. Perhaps she can give you an explanation."

Completing the QuestEdit


You appear in front of Flower. The look on her face betrays an overwhelming sense of horror.


"You, too..." Flower murmurs to herself as she stares at the Light Orb.

Blue Light Orb

It seems that the mysterious Light Orb is reacting to you and the people nearby. This perplexes you even more.

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