Lv6. Mushroom Master

Cal used up his supply of Forest Mushrooms while preparing another medication, so he asks you to go to the forest again to collect more of them.

Go and collect Wild Forest Mushrooms nearby.

Completion Condition
Find Wild Forest Mushroom 0/5
Report to: Village Doctor Cal
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I've almost completely ground up these herbs. We should put some Wild Forest Mushrooms into the medicine and grind them together, too..." Cal suddenly pauses to examine the medicine.
"I used up the mushrooms last time I prepared a medication. I haven't had time to seek them out again." Cal scratches his head, anxious.
"<Envoy>, looks like I need to ask you to go gather some wild mushrooms. They typically grow near tree trunks. Take a look around the area, and I'm sure you'll find 'em."

Completing the QuestEdit


Cal grins when you hand him the Wild Mushrooms.


"Perfect! These are Skandia's most unique mushrooms." Cal examines them out one by one.
"You are truly an excellent assistant," Cal comments, patting you on the back.