Lv52. Advanced Refining

Analisa needs some "Corrosive Alloys" and "Solid Alloys". Use the Forging services of Analisa in Navea or Harvey at the Demarech Mines to complete the Semi-Produced Items.

Completion Condition
Collect Corrosive Alloys 0/5
Collect Solid Alloys 0/5
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


Minding your own business, you suddenly hear the familiar sound of quick strides coming up behind you. It sounds just like an ostrich running at top speed. Knowing that Beebis has run off - perhaps in search of more delicious foods - only one other individual comes to mind...


"<Insert Envoy's name>... wait... waaaaait!"
Analisa's apprentice, Byron, rushes over on an almost out of control ostrich.
"Whew... <Envoy>, Miss Analisa is looking for you!"
Byron awkwardly slides off the ostrich and tries to catch his breath as he talks to you.


You ask Byron why Analisa is looking for you this time. Is she in need of supplies?


"The battle preperations building against the Shadow Knight are slowly dwindling our supplies. Miss Analisa sent me to ask you for help, since she was sure you'd help us out. She needs you to prepare several 'Corrosive Alloys' and 'Solid Alloys' and bring them to her.


You tell Byron that you just don't carry those sorts of things around and ask what you need to make 'Corrosive Alloy' and 'Solid Alloy'.


"Oh, that's easy. To make these you'll need some Cuprite, Luminous Emerald, and Ancient Amber. Take those materials over to Analisa and then you can use them to forge alloys!"
"Keep up the good work, <Envoy>. Not many people know how to forge these days. Well then... I guess my task here is finished. I better go gather some materials too!"


Byron clambers back onto the ostrich and heads off in search of materials.

Starter Eidolon

"I guess Analisa taught you these techniques so that you could help out in urgent times."
<Insert Eidolon's name> nods with this sudden realization.


<Eidolon> is probably right. It looks like you'll have to hunt down those materials and make another trip to Navea.

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