Lv5. Collect Antelope Blood

After checking you out, Cal remarks that a mental imbalance may have caused vertigo and fatigue; the other lumberjacks had the same afflictions. He asks you to collect some ingredients so he can prepare a refreshing medicine.

Go to Timbria Forest and hunt Floppy-Eared Antelope, then return with their blood.

Completion Condition
Defeat Floppy-Eared Antelope to get Antelope Blood. 0/6
Report to: Village Doctor Cal
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"At the moment, I can't find any physical problems. Maybe you're overworked; that can affect your brain, you know. You've got the same symptoms as the other workmen."


You consider his reasoning, but it doesn't quite make sense. You explain to Cal that perhaps your continuous nightmares have kept you from getting a proper night's sleep.


"I heard Caine sent you here to help out. Luckily, I've got the perfect project for you."
"This should be a simple task for someone like you. Here, take this; it'll get your blood flowing."
"You and the other lumberjacks need something - some sort of medicine to refresh your minds and bodies. Something to put some pep back in your step."
"I need you to prepare some antelope blood for me. You can find Floppy-Eared Antelope nearby."

Completing the QuestEdit


You present Cal with the Antelope Blood you collected.


"I had no idea you would do such an efficient job!" Cal crows happily.
"I'm going to officially name you as my assistant. When the time is right, I'll teach you everything I know! I bet you're a fast learner!"