Lv4. Paging Doctor Cal

Caine finds your work ethic praiseworthy and recommends that you go help Doctor Cal.

Talk with Village Doctor Cal.

Completion Condition
Report to: Village Doctor Cal
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"<Envoy>, you've impressed me. You're destined for greatness. However, maybe being a Garrison Member isn't the best use of your skills."
"Thus, I'll recommend you to Doctor Cal. You can work for him. It's easier than working at the Logging Site, and you'll make more money."


You nervously explain to Caine that you know nothing about medicine, and you don't want to be a burden to the doctor.


"Oh, c'mon. It can't be that hard! You only go to school for, what, eleven, twelve years to become a doctor? No biggie. Just look at it as a learning experience."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Are you awake now? How do you feel?" Cal smiles at you, his face is lighting up.


You throw Cal a suspicious look. You have no idea what happened to you.


"Caine sent you to me. He said while he was talking with you, you suddenly fainted. He was so startled he almost jumped out of his skin! Haha!" Cal chuckles as he gives you a once over.