Lv3. What Big Teeth You Have

Caine asks you to drive out the Bunnyhops disturbing the workmen, as they are delaying the supply of wood to the town.

Get rid of the naughty Bunnyhops and Mischievous Bunnhyhops.

Completion Condition
Defeat Bunnyhop 0/4
Defeat Mischievous Bunnyhop 0/3
Report to: Foreman Caine
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Lately, numerous Bunnyhops have migrated to the Logging Site. The naughty troublemakers make a mess all day long. Workmen complain constantly about picking up their, er, 'jelly beans.'"
"We cannot let those rascally rabbits slow us down. If the wood is not delivered to the village fast enough, construction there will be delayed."
"I've a task for you. Drive the Bunnyhops and Mischievous Bunnyhops out of the Logging Site so the lumberjacks can focus on their work!"

Completing the QuestEdit


"Not bad for a newbie." Caine is clearly satisfied by the reduced number of Bunnyhops.
"This was originally Brian's job, but I think you ought to take his place. You're more responsible than he ever was. Go to the Garrison Captain. I will speak to him."


  • It is entirely possible that Caine's remark about the bunnyhops, calling them "rascally rabbits", is a reference to Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes; since Elmer Fudd is always calling Bugs Bunny a 'Wascally wabbit'. However, there is no proof of this.