Lv17. A Fantastic Forgery

To make the fake treasure look real, Perry needs you to get some Shiny Gold Powder and bring it back to him.
Look for the Flower Dryads near Windwhisper Meadow. Collect their Pollen and use it to make Shiny Gold Powder.

Completion Condition
Defeat Budding Flower Dryad. 0/5
Defeat Honey Flower Dryad. 0/5
Collect Shiny Gold Powder 0/1
Report to: Wandering Alchemist Perry
Quest Reward

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    • Bermuda wrote:You will also need a container as your fusion item, and both types of pollen as your raw material. where to get container
    • I believe you get it from the quest. If you don't have it for some reason, try abandon and re-accept the quest.

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