Lv1. Final Showdown

The Shadow Knight is stronger than you expected. This is the final battle; it will determine the future of the entire world.
Fight the Shadow Knight with all your might. You can't afford to lose this battle!

Completion Condition
Defeat Reinhardt. 0/1
Report to: <Templar Commander> Andre
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Blast it... there must be a way to defeat this guy..." Though grievously injured, Andre strains against the pressure exerted on him by the Shadow Knight.
"<Envoy>, you and your Eidolon are out last line of defense! You're the only one strong enough to withstand the Shadow Knight's dark power..." Andre groans and grits his teeth as he struggles to resist the Shadow Knight's crushing power.


You approach Andre with the intent of driving away the invisible power which has chained him down.


"Forget about me, <Envoy>... Everything we've fought for will be vain if you fall!" His gaze is urgent, pleading.


"The only way we can combat the Shadow Knight's encompassing evil is through the power of Gaia."
You take a deep breath, feeling the power of Gaia surge through your body.


With a flash of light, an Eidolon appears before you.
The Eidolon regards you with a stoic gaze before tensing to a battle stance, ready to fight.


You nod firmly to your Eidolon, prepared to use every last ounce of power you have to destroy the Shadow Knight before his evil consumes all.


"You're going to use your ultimate skill, aren't you... do it, together with your Eidolon, and defeat him!"

Shadow Knight

"I don't recall you ever being this hopelessly incompetent, Andre." The Shadow Knight exerts more power on Andre, the templar crying out in agonizing pain.


"Aaargh!" Blood splatters from his mouth as he falls to his knees, but he grits his teeth, glaring at the Shadow Knight with a fierce defiance.
"<Envoy>... <Envoy> will definitely defeat you...!"

Shadow Knight

"Oh? Is that so? I suppose, since you insist, I shall demonstrate to <Envoy> what true power is!"

Completing the QuestEdit


"Have you made it?" Andre grasps his sword, squeezing the hilt tightly. You feel a sense of impending doom pressing upon you.


  • The Eidolon the Envoy summons is Sigrun.

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