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Greetings, Azurians! Here is a list of guilds registered in the wiki.

Players are also allowed to have guild pages on the wiki, but make sure to read our policy before creating one.

PLEASE READ: If you do not see your guild name under this page, please write it on the Guild List forum. On the list of guilds, there will also be some hyperlinks that will guide you to an extended page for more information. Thanks for your cooperation.


Guild Name IGN Leader Level Description
FAIRYTAIL MasterMakarov Level 5 Recruiting (ACTIVE) Players
- English Speaking
- Willing to put up with our lunacy

Things Get Weird at Times
CygnusGarden Nyaniies Level 5 ♥~ Recruiting Active and Talkative Players
♥~ All Levels, but 60+ Prefered.
♥~ Sky Tower Weekends, Dungeons Occasionally.
♥~ Excuse Possible Inactivity. Our Members have a Life, Unlike most.
Bishop Khleo (Bermuda) Level 4 Recruiting lonely members for the purpose of praising our lord and savior Belenus.

No requirements
Just be active

Sushi_Roll Seamphony Level 5 Guild active since November 2014 , we have players from all over the world so theres allways someone online , We welcome ALL no restrictions !!!
Guild Name IGN Leader Level Description
Yatagarasu BeastStriker Level 3 Welcome to our Honored and respected Guild
-Any Level allowed
-English talking
-Active Players The Growth of The members means the growth of the guild so be often active
Twin_Kingdom MinaSuzumi Level 4


Main article: Aura Kingdom Wiki:List of Guilds/Archive

All guilds in the archive are no longer accurate and has been abandoned. If you want to add your guild again, feel free to do so, or simply leave your guild's information in the Guild List forum.

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