Katrina's Judgement
BrawlerATK SPD 1.6 s
Cannot be traded.
Character Level 45 and Above
Durability 100 / 100
DMG +11679
Max HP +5%
CRIT +290
HP +1170
EVA +425
2% of DEF added to CRIT When landing a critical hit, there is a 16% chance to obtain Katrina's Strength, which increases DMG by 6% for 15 seconds.
Stoneupgrade No Secret Stones have been inlaid.
Fortification +9: Max HP +1%
Fortification +15: ACC +2%
Fortification +18: DMG +1%
CRIT +1%
Fortification +20: DMG +2%
CRIT +2%
Max HP +2%
ACC +4%
Fortification +25:
Fortification +30:
These masterfully crafted katars are the creation of Master Brawler Katrina. Inspired by carrying out swift justice, one with a righteous mind will gain even more power when wielding these weapons.

Next KatarEdit

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