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Fantasy Frontier (TW) - Blade Gauntlets trailer

Being physically strong and skilled at close combat, there are no enemies who can withstand the furious whirlwind of attacks that come from those who wield the katars. Katar fighters collect the energies from the world and turn them into runes to be released during battle to increase their inner power beyond normal limits, leading them to the righteous path of victory.


Icon Name Level DMG
Katar-azuria Azuria Katars Level ?? 41718
Katar-aura Aura Katars Level 1-40  ??
Icon Name Level DMG
Katar Apprentice Katar Level 1 108
Katar05 Initiate's Katar Level 8 333
Katar1 Finely Crafted Katars Level 8 333
Katar15 Katars of the Hunter Level 18 1285
Katar2 Swift Hunter's Katars Level 18 1285
Katar25 Guardian's Katars Level 28 3031
Katar3 Adept's Katars Level 28 3031
Katar35 Reinforced Steel Katars Level 30 4218
Katar4 Katars of the Loyal Templar Level 38 5626
Katar45 Crusader's Katars Level 38 5626
Katar5 Sea Serpent's Katars Level 40 7258
Katar55 Harvey's Mithril Claws of Fury Level 40 9936
Katar6 Zaahir's Sharpened Fangs Level 40 9936
Katar65 Dark Wolf Claws Level 43 TBA
Katar65 Thundering Claws of Pandemonium Level 45 9123
Katar7 Katrina's Judgement Level 45 11679
Katar75 Battlewolf's Vicious Claws Level 48 9123
Katar85 Blue Crystalline Claws Level 48 9123
Katar8 Holy Claws Level 48 9123
Katar9 Gleaming Ruby Claws Level 50 11228
Katar95 Pristine Emeraldine Claws Level 50 14592
Katar105 Cruel Tyrant's Katars Level 50 14592
Katar100 Meira's Freezing Katars Level 50 13581
Katar110 Katars of the Demon Hunter Level 55 13581
Katar115 Blood-forged Katars Level 55 13581
Katar120 Demon Forged Katars Level 58 13581
Katar125 Shadowcraft Katars Level 58 13581
Katar130 Katars of the Holy Protector Level 60 16187
Katar135 Katars of the Soaring Eagle Level 60 16187
Katar140 Demon Winged Katars Level 60 20275
Katar145 Katars of the Saintly Punisher Level 60 20275
Katar150 Katars of the Elite Guardian Level 60 20275
Katar155 Zaahir's Fiery Claws Level 60 17302
Katar160 Demonic Claws of the Fallen Level 65 21539
Katar170 Sharpened Teeth of the Holy Beast Level 65 21539
Katar175 Nazrudin's Azure Fangs Level 65 21539
File:Katar180.png Jadescale Katars Level 65 19054
File:Katar185.png Arid Bones Katars Level 65 19054
File:Katar190.png Crystal Katars Level 70 22188
File:Katar195.png Phantom Katars Level 70 27039
File:Katar200.png Overlord's Katars Level 70 27039
File:Katar205.png Otherwordly Destroyers Level 75 28527
File:Katar210.png Scorching Rune Katars Level 75 28527
File:Katar215.png Mystic Horn Katars Level 80 29288
File:Katar220.png Ghodroon's Deadscale Dual Thorns Level 80 34941


Playable Weapons
Sword and Shield》《Dual Blades》《Great Axe》《Staff》《Dual Pistols》《Cannon
Magic Book》《Harp》《Katars》《Battle Bow》《Tachi》《Scythe》《Holy Sword》《Shuriken》《Magic Spear

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