Every character's inventory can be accessed by the B key (by default). You can see your items that you have to receive rewards and loots. However, there is a capacity limit in your inventory bag. You will need a Backpack item to upgrade several slots.
  • Autostackicon The icon with the box stands for "Automatic Stacking". This means that when you are too messy with the slots, you will need to click on this icon to stack neatly and correctly from order of weapons, armor, items, etc.
  • Salvageicon The second icon stands for "Salvaging". This means that when you want to fortify a weapon or an armor, you will need to salvage some other weapons you find useless or have higher fortification points.
  • Fortifyicon The third icon stands for "Fortify". This means that fortification adds a bonus to weapons and armor, ATK and DEF respectively. Any item you want to be fortified can be fortified with Gaia Fragments (Fragment), Fortification Scrolls (armor/weapon), and the armor or weapon itself. Check Fortification for more information.
  • Fuseicon The fourth icon stands for "Fuse". This means that if you have a food/drink item and the ingredient/raw materials, you can click this button to receive a better item for extra bonuses.
  • Sellicon The last icon with the world SELL stands for "Shop". This means that you can open your own shop, first in Navea, for people to trade and buy.
  • Below the icons are slots for Backpack item upgrade slots. Known items are 5-Slot Backpack and TBA.
  • The right side tells you how much money/currency you still have for buying items. In Aura Kingdom, the currency includes Silver Gold Token Fragment Loyalty and AP as AP-ingame for Aeria Points which can be accessed in the Item Mall or Loyalty Shop (click on the hotkey I) in the game.