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Holy Sword (Class)

Holy Sword is a melee class who wields, as the name suggests, the Holy Sword as their weapon of choice.


In the name of all that is holy, I spread all my glory, and wield my sword to judge all sins in the mortal world.


In the main story, the Holy Sword was founded by Salesian, who passed the art down for his descendants. Isai however, who is able to use it and is a descendant, has yet to receive the skills of the Holy Sword from Salesian.

Rumours said that those who has perfected the skill of Holy Sword will make any demons tremble before the wielder.

Reinhardt also wields the Holy Sword but instead became a corrupted Holy Sword wielder due to his choice of weapon.

Notable WielderEdit


Ground Slasher Power up and leaps high, delivering an earth splitting slash.
Attack Physical Level 1
Dry Bones A spinning slash releases the Power of the Destruction Dragon, dealing damage to adjacent enemies, and leaving them unable to parry or escape.
Attack Physical Level 1
Divine Sunderance Focuses the power of faith to call forth a heavenly sword - few can escape its divine punishment!
Attack Physical Level 4
Ice Splitter Surrounds the blade with a frost aura, and fires a frosty shockwave in the surrounding area, dealing Ice damage and causing Slowdown.
Attack Ice Level 8
Smiter's Edge Summons the Evil Banishing Sword with the Holy Light, cutting and dealing damage to enemies in a straight line, and giving yourself Holy Light, which enchances destructive power.
Attack Light Level 13
Divine Sermon Rouses innate Holy Thoughts to create a powerful protective barrier, which can protect against one attack using the Power of Evil.
Buff Assist Level 18
Divine Thunderstrike Raises the Holy Sword and calls down thunder and lightning. This enables general slash attacks to deal targets Lightning damage, and lower the enemy's attack power.
Attack Electric Level 24
Sword Gaze Through the highest comprehension and integration of the Holy Sword's skills, CRIT damage and CRITs of party members are upgraded.
Buff Assist Level 30

Combo systemEdit


Holy Swords can utilize the Divine Energy of Holy Sword, which accumulates Divine Energy as time passes. When holding down a skill, a Divine Explosion enchance the Holy Skill, making it deal greater dmg or cause special effects. When used, all Divine Energy will be released and re-accumulate. This takes 12 seconds.

This is unaffected by the SPD stat or any other stat. The only way to reduce the cooldown is through the weapon mastery.




Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier Taiwanese / Hong Kong 聖劍
Fantasy Frontier (Chinese) 圣剑
Innocent World (Japanese) 聖剣 (Holy Sword)
Aura Kingdom (Korean) 성검
Aura Kingdom (French) Épée Sacrée
Aura Kingdom (German) Kreuzritter
Aura Kingdom (Spanish) Mandoble

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