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Let us sail through and conquer the five oceans and the seven seas. Anchoring on nearby islands, basking under the sun and feeling the gentle, breezy air, and the wonderful blossoming of friendships and love. All your voyages will be astonishing sights and full of memorable adventure and action! This is every dream journey all those on land, air, and sea want to experience.

About Us

As a sailor of the sea, we watch those who try to destroy our freedom. We admire the beauty of nature around us and do everything in our power to protect it. Many friendships and relationships within the guild are held dear. We may be small, but we sure pack enormous heart and spirit!


The Omurice guild was created by Tsurumi, through the decision to lend a hand to those who felt lost, betrayed, or just that their current guild wasn’t the one. It was originally a back-up guild for the current guild if something were to happen. However, it later was obliterated. All aren’t pleased as to what happened, but those who parted or stood together accepted the fate the family went through and are now living to remember that day.


Our emblem symbolizes a chibi Narwhal named Norman! Cute little guy isn't he? Omuem

Naval Regulations

The guild’s rules are categorized as Basics and Offenses. Strikes, warnings or an anchor to the face is the punishment for breaking basic rules. However, immediate expulsions are most of the time received for Offenses, depending on the case.


  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • Do not use excessive foul language
  • Spamming in the guild chat is forbidden
  • Begging for promotion or items, trolling, intigation, bullying, negativity, lying, selfishisness, or bragging is also not tolerated


  • Any form of disrespect towards relationships, friendships, an individual member, or to the guild itself
  • Vulgar jokes or remarks about race or sex
  • Any form of threat or abuse to crew members


The Omurice crew is recruiting new members publicly through guild recruitment! Don't see us and want to join? Fill our guild application here


Want to contact the Captain or Quartermaster? Feel free to send us a mail, private message in-game, direct message on Discord, or even a homing pigeon if you want!

  • Captain Rumi (IGN: Tsurumi; Discord: tsuntsun#4444)
  • Quartermaster Imatsu (IGN: Imatsu; Discord: Imatsu#1843)

Theme Song

Want to hear our theme song? Check it out here! Emoticon-blush Emoticon-nosebleed

  • Credit goes to Mr.Weebl


Guild leader
Naval Cap'n
Guild vice leader
Guild adept
1st Mate
Guild disciple
Guild member
Guild recruit
Cabin Boy/Girl
Speak in Chat
Write Bulletin
Change Rank
Post Note
Delete Notes
Guild Warehouse

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