Daring Dragon
Base: 10 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Extinguisher I Damage against Flame targets +15%
2-starbuff Onslaught I DMG +8%
3-starbuff Onslaught II DMG +16%
He may not have been out of his egg long, but the lively Grimm is ready to take on monsters twice his size. Soaring across the battlefield, he harnesses the element of fire to incinerate his foes. When fully grown, Grimm will have great magical power, but, until then, his dream is to travel the world and eat everything he can. Sometimes brash, always incendiary, Grimm looks forward to each new adventure.
A recently-hatched dragon, Grimm doesn't let his size prevent him from displaying the confidence and tenacity of a full-grown drake. He enjoys zipping around enemies, body-slamming them in between blasts of torching flame.
Single Target: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Area of Effect: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar
Defensive: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar
Evasive: CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Heal: UncompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Support: CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar


Grimm is obtained by choosing him as your starter Eidolon.


2 Star
3 Star


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Plasma Bomb Attack Fire Grimm condenses his fiery wrath to blast the target with a plasma energy bomb, dealing extreme Flame damage.
Red Shift Attack Fire Grimm vents his body's core to superheat the nearby air, causing heavy Flame damage to the target and surrounding enemies.
Calamity Breath Attack Fire Grimm inhales deeply and sends a blast of ninefold darkness fire cascading onto the enemy, causing massive Flame damage and slowing them.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Black Breath Guardian Fire Grimm serves up a whiff of dark flame that scorches enemies and generates large amounts of malice.
Flaming Miasma Duelist Fire Grimm coughs up a life-sapping dark fire that scorches enemies with Flame damage and absorbs their health to recover your own.
Wave of Flame Grenadier,
Fire Grimm blasts enemies with a shockwave that shakes them to the core, dealing heavy Flame damage.
Shadow Flame Burst Ravager,
Holy Sword
Fire Grimm senses your burning heart and ignites a violent explosion that shakes enemies with powerful Flame damage.
Furious Quake Gunslinger,
Fire Unleashing a tremor that shakes land and sky, Grimm blasts enemies with Flame damage, knocking them back.
Soaring Strafe Sorcerer Fire Grimm lights up enemies with his aerial bombardment, dealing Flame damage and additional damage over time.
Barrage from the Abyss Wizard Fire Grimm's power resonates with your heart, allowing him to let loose a barrage of fireballs that deal Flame damage to enemies and decrease their CRIT rate.
Crippling Roar Bard,
Fire Grimm turns up the heat with dark fire that turns enemies into crispy critters, dealing Flame damage and reducing their EVA.

Eidolon's WishEdit

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