Great Axe (Ravagers)

Dual Axes

幻想神域 Dual Axes00:15

幻想神域 Dual Axes

Discarding the defensive shield and agile lighter weapons, these people seek to pursue absolute power. They seek to strike down an enemy with a ferocious attack and strike fear into all opponents. They are a hostile group of people who are used to killing the enemy, protecting their allies. They use the blood of their enemies to pave the way of their own individual road to salvation.


Icon Name Level DMG
Axe-azuria Azuria Axe Level ?? 57942
Axe-aura Aura Axe Level 1  ??
Icon Name Level DMG
Axe Apprentice Axe Level 1 142
Axe05 Woodman's Axe Level 8 438
Axe1 Woodcutter's Axe Level 8 438
Axe15 Hardwood Axe Level 18 1691
Axe2 Sturdy Axe Level 18 1691
Axe25 Long-Handled Battle Axe Level 28 3988
Axe3 Exquisite War Axe Level 28 3988
Axe30 Gigantic Bronze Axe Level 30 5551
Axe45 Giant Totem Axe Level 38 7401
Axe4 Wild Ravager's Great Axe Level 38 7401
Axe35 Gigantic Tribal Axe Level 40 9549
Axe5 Harvey's Gigantic Battle Axe Level 40 12004
Axe55 Tribal Chief's Heavy Axe Level 40 13074
Axe6 Dragonblight Axe Level 43 9549
Axe6 Gladiator's Axe Level 45 12004
Axe65 Hallim's Mighty Strikes Level 45 15367
Axe7 Gigantic Axe of Doom Level 48 12004
Axe75 Warrior's Giant Axe Level 48 12004
Axe8 Valiant Axe Level 48 12004
Axe85 Bloodseeker Heavy Axe Level 50 14774
Axe9 The Decapitator Level 50 19200
Axe95 Cruel Tyrant's Heavy Axe Level 50 19200
Axe100 Giant Jordan's Cleaver of the Seas Level 50 17869
Axe105 Earth-Shattering Battle Axe Level 55 17869
Axe110 Glorious Battle Axe Level 55 17869
Axe115 Gladiator's Heavy Axe Level 58 17869
Axe120 Double-Edged Battle Axe Level 58 17869
Axe125 Ginormous Axe of Destruction Level 60 21298
Axe130 Axe of Arcane Patterns Level 60 21298
Axe135 Axe of Extinction Level 60 26677
Axe140 Sacred Scar Battle Axe Level 60 26677
Axe145 Great Axe of the Elite Guardian Level 60 26677
Axe150 Zaahir's Swift Decapitator Level 60 22766
Axe155 Cleaver of the Sky Level 65 28341
Axe160 Karka's Bloodthirsty Axe Level 65 28341
Axe165 Nazrudin's Axe of the Ocean's Might Level 65 28341
Axe170 Permafrost Axe Level 65 25071
Axe175 Jade Heavy Axe Level 65 25071
Axe180 Violet Heavy Axe Level 68 25071
Axe185 Jadewood Battle Axe Level 68 25071
Axe190 Molten Great Axe Level 70 29195
Axe195 Ethereal Great Axe Level 70 35578
Axe200 Overlord's Great Axe Level 70 35578
Axe205 Demon of the Inferno Level 75 37535
Axe210 Beast King Decapitator Level 75 37535
Axe215 Dragonrider Giant Axe Level 75 33680
Axe220 Forest Axe Level 78 33680
Axe225 Magma Axe Level 80 38537
Axe230 Ghodroon's Axe of Deception Level 80 45975
Axe235 Fallen Butcher's Great Axe Level 80 45975
Axe240 Demon Stalker Level 85 48241


Playable Weapons
Sword and Shield》《Dual Blades》《Great Axe》《Staff》《Dual Pistols》《Cannon
Magic Book》《Harp》《Katars》《Battle Bow》《Tachi》《Scythe》《Holy Sword》《Shuriken》《Magic Spear

Notable NPC'sEdit

NPC who wield Ravager Class are:

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