Gigas's Key of Gaia
Gaia Key
Cannot trade. Not usable in combat.
Character Level 25 and Above
This key contains the will of Gigas. It is made of hard metal not found in Terra.

Right-click to obtain the Eidolon Gigas.
You cannot obtain the same Eidolon twice.
This key is also used in the evolution of Gigas.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.
Iron Titan
Level: 25
DMG: 4071 Cplus
CRIT: 491 Cplus
SPD: 737 B
HP: 8621 A
DEF: 1916 B
EVA: 737 B
Give It All You Got
Gigas releases an electromagnetic shock from its superconductive wrist bangle, then strikes the enemy with maximum power, dealing lightning damage and decreasing their speed. Generates high malice.

Furious Dynamo
Enraged, Gigas spins its body fast enough to generate sparks, which criss-cross into a high-voltage net that deals Lightning damage to the surrounding enemies and generates high malice.

Gigas shines with justice, releasing burst of energy that slams nearby enemies with Lightning damage and generates malice, drawing their attention.


Gigas's Key of Gaia, which you can get from the quest Lv40. Resonance of Gaia, allows you to summon Gigas. Gigas is a mighty warrior and will help you in many of your quests.


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