You could tie some old leather and tin cans to your body to defend against brutal monster attacks... OR you could buy some of my totally reasonably-priced armor! I think you know what to do.
— Georgina

Georgina is a Armor Merchant in Helonia Coast. She sells basic white-quality armor for Lv8-18.


Service armor merchant Armor Merchant
Steel Chain Soft Armor 53 Silver
Steel Chain Wrist Wraps 36 Silver
Steel Chain Leggings 36 Silver
Earthen Leather Coat 53 Silver
Earthen Gauntlets 36 Silver
Earthen Cloth Shoes 36 Silver
Beastial Headgear 147 Silver
Beastial Light Armor 181 Silver
Beastial Gauntlets 124 Silver
Beastial Boots 124 Silver
Beastial Waist Armor 113 Silver
Blue Light Soft Cap 147 Silver
Blue Light Coat 181 Silver
Blue Light Gloves 124 Silver
Blue Light Long-Boots 124 Silver
Blue Light Sash 113 Silver