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General skills are skills not used in combat. General skills examples could be dancing, waving hi, posing, etc. You can find your general skills by activating the K window and the tab General Skills.

Here are the list of General Skills throughout the game.

Skill-attack Skill-sit Skill-pickup Skill-wave Skill-drepressed Skill-charge Skill-provoke Skill-cheer
Skill-agree Skill-disagree Skill-kiss Skill-shy Skill-laugh Skill-thanks Skill-surprise Skill-cry
Skill-dance Skill-dance2 Skill-dance3 Skill-dance4 Skill-dance5 Skill-dance6 Skill-dance7 Skill-dance8
Skill-dance9 Skill-dance10 Skill-dance11 Skill-dance12 Skill-dance13 Skill-dance14


Fantasy Frontier (TW) - New dance moves trailer00:30

Fantasy Frontier (TW) - New dance moves trailer

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