One last thing to note: You won't get a bite every time you cast. The biggest thing about fishing is having patience. Well, I think that's everything...

Fishing is a feature that allows players to reel in fish or items for rewards. Each category rewards different kinds of items.

Players will be introduced to fishing once they reach level 40. They will be given a fishing rod and bait and a series of quests for more fishing equipment, although not necessary.


Fishing spots

Fishing spots on the map

Fishing spots are located wherever there is a fishing icon on the map. On the fishing spots, an icon is found labeled "Small School of Fish" or "School of Fish". From that point, they can fish as long as they have a fishing rod, bait, and at least one empty inventory slot.

School of Fish icon

Players can begin fishing by right-clicking on the fishing icon. It is then proceeded by clicking on the fishing button. The character will begin fishing until the fishing rod gets a bite. At this point, the player can choose between two options to fish: manual fishing and auto-fishing.

Small School of Fish

The Small School of Fish contains grey, white, and green-quality items, as well as Miracle Cubes. The School of Fish contains a larger variety that also includes blue and orange-quality items.

However certain fish appears on certain times, marked with golden or yellow fishing spots if player want to catch King Fish and player needed special bait which was gained from orange-quality fishes. Some exceptions are the fishes that only do for the fishing tutorial quest such as Lucky Fish that only appear at certain spot of fishing spots (Normally outside usual fishing spot range) and only that fish will appear and player must equip with bait suitable for it and the fishes will not eat any bait unless with the bait given by the NPC's only for that quest.

Manual fishingEdit

Fishing interface

Fishing interface

Manual fishing brings up the user interface. The player will need to hold on the left-mouse button key or release it when necessary to keep it in momentum in the blue zone.

  • Target durability is the endurance of the fish. When it is depleted, the fish will be caught.
  • Fishing equipment durability is the durability of the fishing rod. When it is depleted, the fishing line will break and the fish will escape.

The bar displays the target area.

  • The blue zone is the safe zone and the target area in order to capture the fish. If the fishing indicator is on the blue zone, the fish's durability will deplete. The player must keep it in momentum by holding or releasing the left-mouse button key.
  • The red zone is the danger zone. If the fishing indicator is on the red zone, the fishing equipment durability will decrease. The player must release the fishing button to regain control back into the blue zone.
  • The yellow zone is another danger zone. If the fishing indicator is on the yellow zone, the fishing equipment durability will decrease and the durability of the fish will increase (heal). The player must hold the fishing button to regain control into the blue zone.


Auto-fishing, or the fan-term "AFK fishing", is simply the character fishing on its own. As the fan term states, the player does not need to control the fishing interface and can leave the computer. The character will continue to fish until the character runs out of bait or does not have any open inventory space.

However, unlike manual fishing, auto-fishing can only do so little. Auto-fishing cannot fish up orange or gold quality fish, regardless of fishing equipment. The Penguin Bandits will not spawn during auto-fishing. Another consequences of auto-fishing is you will not get Fishing EXP as you will get it only through manual Fishing.


Fishing equipment and stats

Fishing stats

The fishing gear and stat interface can be viewed in the character interface and switching between "Battle gear" and "Fishing gear". Six slots are open for fishing equipment.

On the interface, the stats are also displayed.

  • Durability is the strength of the fishing rod and is necessary to catching higher quality fish.
  • Rod determines how fast the fish's durability decreases.
  • Line determines how wide the blue zone will appear on the fishing interface.
  • Reel determines the control of the fishing indicator.

Penguin BanditsEdit

The Penguin Bandits are the enemies of the Anglers Anonymous. The bandits may spawn after a successful manual catch, but they appear rarely. There are three types of bandits.

Type Color Spawn from Drop
Penguin Bandit Purple Successful green-quality fish catch Bandit Token
Nymphey Pink Successful orange-quality fish catch Small Tea Flower
Nebuchadnezzar Blue Successful gold-quality (king fish) fish catch Dagger

After defeating the Penguin Bandit, the bandit will drop an item, which can be exchanged to Myrna in Navea.

Profession LevelsEdit

Fishing Lv.
Novice Angler
Base level.
Apprentice Angler
Reeling Speed +2%
Refining Level XP: 4000
Journeyman Angler
Max HP +549
Refining Level XP: 24000
Expert Angler
Prices in the profession (Fishing) store decrease by -2%
Refining Level XP: 56000
Artisan Angler
Fishing Line Strength +2%
Refining Level XP: 112000
Master Angler
Move SPD +1%
Refining Level XP: 240000
Grand Master Angler
Fishing Equipment Strength +2%
Refining Level XP: 480000
Zen Master Angler
Prices in the profession (Fishing) store decrease by -3%
Refining Level XP: 760000
Epic Angler
The chance to catch Orange Fish increases.
Refining Level XP: 1080000
Legendary Angler
DMG +2476
Refining Level XP: 1440000


List of fishEdit

Main article: List of Fish

List of Equipment Edit

Main article: List of Equipments



All fishing merchants sell the same standard equipment and bait.

Specialty Fishing StoresEdit

South MidgardEdit

North MidgardEdit


Profession ShopEdit

The profession shop is held by the Anglers Anonymous Merchant Annette in Navea.



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