Knight of Darkness
Base: 25 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Sprinter I Move SPD +5%
2-starbuff No Surprises I Chance to suffer a Critical Hit -25%
3-starbuff No Surprises II Chance to suffer a Critical Hit -50%
Clad in a hooded cowl and dark armor, Faust's presence sets a chill in the bones. Some claim him an agent of Pandemonium in the mortal realm; others say he seeks a duel with the Knight of the Sun. Only one thing is certain: death follows in his wake.


To obtain this Eidolon's Key or Key fragments click the following links below.


2 Star
3 Star


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Rhodri waveofmutilation
Wave of Mutilation Attack Ice Faust draws out a devilish power and infuses it into snow to cause a powerful magic blast, dealing Ice damage and slowing the enemy.
Rhodri demonicpact
Demonic Pact Healing A secret technique of healing created by Faust himself that recovers party members' health and dispels negative statuses.
Rhodri forbiddenzone
Forbidden Zone Buff Faust releases the evil power of his magical talisman to create a warding field that decreases the CRIT damage received by allies within range.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

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