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Fantasy Frontier Online is originally published by X-Legend in Taiwan for the game Aura Kingdom. It is also the primary server.

The currect theme is "Breaking Dawn".[1]


Fantasy Frontier Online takes place in an anime-styled vast world rendered with detailed graphics. The game consists of primarily open world with instances that can either be partaken as solo or in a party. Unlike the English version, the classes are named after their corresponding weapons they wield. The players can freely customize their character or avatar with many choices of hair styles and faces and much more. It is then proceeded with the choice of four Eidolons, who will accompany the player throughout the game, while also giving the ability to earn other Eidolons.

Within the game, the player can interact with many non-player characters and enter combat mode with monsters outside of the hub world. The combat system is primarily the player using a wide variety of skills corresponding with the class against the monsters, who also have their own set of skills. The majority of the game is to simply attack and defeat the monsters along the way while partaking quests. The combat system is unique in a way that, although the player has to click on a monster to engage in combat, the player also has the ability to move to dodge and use their skills in a variety of ways. With an accompanying Eidolon, the player's Eidolon can also fight alongside their character, and also use a combination attack. The combat system is not merely a "click-and-watch" combat. Outside of the combat system, the player can also engage in several different tasks, such as fishing, crafting, and many more.

Unlike the English based server, Fantasy Frontier has a mobile system verification, making registration outside Taiwan unavailable. Since this version is operated by the developers, this server receives updates before any other server.


Fantasy Frointer TW has won the following awards:

  • Taiwan 2013 Game Star For Domestic-made Popular Games Console Gold Award.[2]


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