An Envoy, or Envoy of Gaia, is a term used to describe an extraordinary human with strange and powerful abilities. It is also the role players take during the game.


An Envoy is accompanied by their own Eidolon. However, the Envoy can be affected by the powers of the Eidolon, who then become thirsty for power. Those who long for more power become corrupted, transforming into a demon from Pandemonium.

Imperial Guard Gus give player who play as an Envoy the privileges, the privileges are:

  • Does not need to get into the bureaucracy such as reporting to superior and others when completing the misson.
  • Can make an audience with him and Grand Bishop anytime Envoy wishes for.
  • Free access to the area that was restricted by Templar Knights.
  • Does not bound to any Templar Commander permanently.

Known Envoys of GaiaEdit

Several known Envoys of Gaia exist in the game:

Cursed Sonjuno was also an Envoy of Gaia, but as a result of thirst for power, he became corrupted and became a demon while venturing for the power source in Alabastren Temple.

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