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Eidolons are powerful spirits that bond with Envoys of Gaia. Eidolons can be summoned through the call of aid and will fight alongside the Envoy in the battlefield.


Hailing from the heavenly realm of Aura Kingdom or the dread realm Pandemonium, Eidolons are powerful spirits that bond with Envoys of Gaia who call for their aid. Eidolons are an incredibly diverse bunch, each one carrying his/her own unique story, personality, and awe-inspiring powers. The one thing that they all have in common, however, is their unbreakable loyalty to the Envoy to whom they are bonded. Together, an Envoy of Gaia and their trusted Eidolon partner have the potential to be the most formidable force in all of Terra.

List of EidolonsEdit

Icon Name Attribute

Some misleading translations on the unreleased Eidolons exist. There are many other Eidolons to be added as some of them are being released in the Taiwanese version.


The Eidolon system can be activated with H and N. H stands for Connecting/Linking to Gaia to acquire special items while N is the Eidolon Area. You can do all sorts of things in the Eidolon Area such as feeding your Eidolon or upgrading their stats.

Eidolon AreaEdit

In the Eidolon area, you can view the accquired Eidolons, Eidolon points, formate your Eidolon party etc.



To feed, press N and click on the button "Feed". A new window pops up with all kinds of crystal experiences you wish to choose to level your Eidolon. Eidolons cannot surpass the Envoy's character level, preventing the Eidolon from leveling up.


Remember that these Feeding items are to level your current or selected Eidolon. Eidolon consumers experience crystals in order to grow and boost his/her level and fighting prowess. Click this page and this page for all types of Eidolon fragments and crystals.


Eidolons can evolve to their higher form once certain level requirements and materials requirements have been met to trigger that evolution. An evolved Eidolon becomes significantly more powerful. Each Eidolon have their own requirements in order to evolve. You will know if your Eidolon evolved by looking at the area with a One star to Two stars.


Star BuffsEdit

On the left-top corner, stars are displayed. These stars grants bonus stats for both the Eidolon and the Envoy. In order to unlock them, the Envoy needs to feed them crests until the max limit for each star are met. The requirements for each stars are:

1-starbuff 750 250 250 1250 250 250
2-starbuff 1500 500 500 2500 500 500
3-starbuff 2250 750 750 3750 750 750

Party FormationEdit

Prior to level 25, Envoys can only summon their starter Eidolon to the battlefield. After reaching level 25, Envoys can recruit three additional available and acquired Eidolons to the Eidolon party to form a maximum of four Eidolons in the party list, including the starter Eidolon. This allows the Envoy to call upon one of the four in the party to fight together in the battlefield. Additionally, the Envoy can care for all four simultaneously.

Eidolons of any level can be recruited to the party, with restrictions. If an Eidolon is a higher level than the Envoy, the Eidolon's level will scale down to match the Envoy's character level; this also prevents the Eidolon from gaining any levels. The Eidolon's level will be denoted as red to indicate the Eidolon's level has been temporarily scaled down. Once the Envoy surpasses the Eidolon's original, unscaled level, the Eidolon will remain at its original level and can resume gaining levels.

Eidolon WishesEdit

In the Eidolon Area, Eidolons have wishes that the Envoy can fulfill. In order to fulfill a wish, the Envoy must offer (feed) the item(s) the Eidolon desires. Fullfilling their wishes grants bonus stats, so make sure to make them satisfied!


Changing NameEdit

To simply change your Eidolon's name, press N and click on the "Skill Info" button. Another window will take your previous window.


(Note: 1st Change is free. Any other name change, you'll have to buy a Name Change.)



Eidolon ConversationEdit

To talk to the Eidolon, you need to have the Eidolon equipped in the party formation. Then click H and select the Conversation to choose a question that the Eidolon will answer.



Click on H and select your desired Eidolon for linking. This consumes between 5 and 10 energy points and requires 10 minutes of time. Your Eidolon can still fight while linking.


Gaia ChronicleEdit

Main article: Gaia Chronicle



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