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Hailing from the heavenly realm of Aura Kingdom or the dread realm Pandemonium, Eidolons are powerful summoned spirits that bond with Envoys of Gaia who call for their aid. Eidolons are an incredibly diverse bunch, each one carrying its own unique story, personality, and awe-inspiring powers. The one thing that they all have in common, however, is their unbreakable loyalty to the Envoy to whom they are bonded. Together, an Envoy of Gaia and their trusted Eidolon partner have the potential to be the most formidable force in all of Terra.

List of EidolonsEdit

Eidolon All Stars

Group Photo

Eidolon names are to be stated from the main website of Aeria Games, it is not the same as in the original name translated from the TW version!

Click on one of the Eidolons below.

Warning: Some misleading translations on this page exist for the Eidolons in English version. There are many other Eidolons to be added as some of them are being released in the TW version. In the blanks, the names of the Eidolons are found around the web, so hoping its not made up.




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