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Duelists shine brightest when launching an offensive against strong single foes. Their defense lies in their acrobatic evasion, and their ability to quickly unload a flurry of high damage makes them a powerful force.
General information
Type Melee type
Weapon Dual Blades
Attack Speed 1.8 seconds
Single Target CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Area of Effect CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Defensive CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Evasive CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Heal CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Support CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar

Duelist is a melee class who wields the Dual Blades as their weapons of choice.


Speeding like a meteor across the sky, Duelists rush enemies with their razor-sharp dual blades before they have a chance to react. Close-range specialists, these fleet-footed fighters combine acrobatics and a touch of magic to disorient and wear down even the strongest foes.


Slash Cut Cut mercilessly at the enemy's armor, dealing damage and reducing their DEF.
Attack Physical Level 1
Cross Slash Cross your blades and tear downward, making a wound that's difficult to heal.
Attack Physical Level 1
Swift Somersault Evade deadly attacks with elegance and flair, briefly increasing EVA and DMG.
Buff Assist Level 1
Snowflower Leap into the air and condense ice energy into a frosted blade that piereces the enemy, dealing Ice damage.
Attack Ice Level 4
Purple Lightning Conjure up bolts of purple lightning to course through you, stimulating the hidden potential within your body.
Buff Assist Level 8
Whirling Dance A high-speed spin that slashes deeply into the enemy, wounding and slowing them.
Attack Physical Level 13
Deadly Wink A quick succession of slashes with the blade held in an icepick grip. Deals multi-hit damage to the enemy.
Attack Physical Level 18
Dancing Balisong Move your hands with quickness and grace, blades dancing as butterflies on the wind as they sweep through the enemy dealing Holy damage.
Attack Light Level 24
Shadow Brand Attach motes of conjured shadow to party members, increasing their EVA.
Buff Assist Level 30

Combo systemEdit

Duelist can use the skill Swift Somersault to quickly dodge attacks. While in use, it greatly decreases damage received by 100% and increases evasion by 95%. After use, additional effects are granted for five seconds, which increase evasion by 8% and damage by 10% flatly.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Weapon Mastery-duelist

Left PathEdit

Weapon mastery right path-duelist
Death and rebirth exist together in every battle and every kill. In the haze of dust and the stench of blood, you find that balance of life and death in the perfect kill.
Icon Name Description Effect
Duelist-sanguinedesire Sanguine Desire Draws on the scent of blood spilled during a massacre, using the power of pain and hatred to inflict rapid consecutive strikes upon the enemy. Deals massive damage to the enemy.
Duelist-barbarism Barbarism Wield your weapon with a frightening purpose. A quick death is your only form of mercy.
Whirling Dance" Improvements: DMG +15% and Range +1 meter.
"Dancing Balisong" Improvements: DMG +15% and HP +x.

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect:

"Whirling Dance" Improvements: DMG +20% and Range +2 meter.
"Dancing Balisong" Improvements: DMG +20% and HP +2x.
Duelist-shadowjump Shadow Jump Death and rebirth have given you the unique ability to sense an enemy's vulnerability, making you a truly formidable foe.
HP +4%.
EVA +96% (Increased cap of EVA).

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect:

HP +6%.
EVA +97% (Increased cap of EVA).

Right PathEdit

Weapon Mastery-duelist2
Shadow Assassin. Death waits with baited breath, yearning for a purpose. Dressed to kill and armed for the slaughter, she waits for an unsuspecting victim to stumble upon her trap.
Icon Name Description Effect
Phantombetrayal-skill Phantom Betrayal Your blade, coated in poison, can deal critical damage to enemies, severely injuring them and increasing the damage over time they recive. Deals damage with small radius and applies the enemies' vulnerability to DoT by +3%.
Duelist-poisonededge Poisoned Edge Coats your blade with a lethal dose of poison.
"Cross Slash" Improvements: Damage over time +2%.
"Deadly Wink" Improvements: Damage over time +2%.

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect:

"Cross Slash" Improvements: Damage over time +4%.
"Deadly Wink" Improvements: Damage over time +4%.
Duelist-spectralassassin Spectral Assassin The only way to survive the killing blow from this assassin is to not be the target to begin with.
DMG +4%.
CRIT +4% (multiplicative).

Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect:

DMG +6%.
CRIT +6% (multiplicative).



Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier Taiwanese / Hongkong 雙刀
Fantasy Frontier Chinese (Game) 双刀
Innocent World Japanese (Game) ツインソード (Twin Sword)
Aura Kingdom Korean (Game) 듀얼소드 (Dual Sword)
Fantasy Frontier Thai (Game) Duelist
Aura Kingdom French (Game) Lames Jumelles
Aura Kingdom German (Game) Derwisch
Aura Kingdom Spanish (Game) Luchador

See alsoEdit

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