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Empress of Torment

Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
B A B Cplus Cplus B

Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
Bplus Aplus Bplus Cplus B B

Bel-chandra 3star
Eidolon Stats
3 Star Stats
A Splus Aplus A A A

Base: 10 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Speed of Sound I Normal attack speed +25%
2-starbuff Hot Blooded I CRIT +5%
3-starbuff Hot Blooded II CRIT +10%

Bel-Chandra is proficient in all of the world of dance. Whether happy or sad at the time, she always makes everyone engrossed in her wonderful dancing. Known throughout Pandemonium as the Empress of Torment, Bel-Chandra harnesses fearful magic that wracks the bodies of her enemies in terrible agony. Drawn to the hidden darkness in mortals' hearts, she whispers emboldening words, encouraging mercilessness in battle.


Icon Skill Name Type Property Level Limit Description
Belchandra-danceofgreatlightning Dance of Great Lightning Attack Electric Level N/A Bel-Chandra opens her third eye, calling down a bolt of lightning, then swiftly charges forward to deal heavy Lightning damage to the enemy.
Belchandra-shockingdance Shocking Dance Attack Electric Level N/A Bel-Chandra opens her third eye, summoning a salvo of powerful lightning bolts to hammer the enemy, also increasing the party's CRIT rate and CRIT damage.
Belchandra-danceoftheconduit Dance of the Conduit Attack Electric Level N/A Bel-Chandra performs a breathtaking dance before the enemy. The thunderbolts that spring from her form lash out to deal Lightning damage and decrease the enemy's EVA.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Level Limit Description
Sorrowful Tandava Attack Electric Level N/A Bel-Chandra sorrowfully dances an exotic Tandava with you and cause the enemy electric damage which also destroys the enemy's armor.
Dance of the Beyond Attack Electric Level N/A Bel-Chandra twirls and gyrates, bridging for a moment the realms of Terra and Pandemonium. A sharp bolt from the netherworld flies forth to deal Lightning damage to enemies and additional damage over time.
Melancholy Tandava Attack Electric Level N/A Bel-Chandra melancholily dances a contemporary Tandava with you and cause the enemy electric damage which also locks down the enemy's movement decreasing evasion.
  • Sorrowful Tandava - Sword and Shield, Cannon, Harp
  • Dance of the Beyond - Dual Blades, Grimoire, Katar
  • Melancholy Tandava - Dual Axes, Dual Pistols, Staff, Bow


Main article: Bel-Chandra's Key of Gaia


2 Star
3 Star

Eidolon's WishEdit

Bel-Chandra's Beauty Bar IEdit

  • Item required: Red Leech x2
  • Skills Bonus: DMG +36, SPEED +12, DEF +6
"Want to know the secret of my beautiful figure? Why, exercise and dancing, of course!"
"However, to get REALLY great results, I use a special beauty cream. It requires very particular ingredients..."
"Wonderful! With these ingredients, even a Cyclops could have a body like mine! Haha!"

Bel-Chandra's Beauty Bar IIEdit

"Dancing can help keep you in shape, but if you really want to be perfect..."
"You need to watch what you eat! And I have just the recipes..."
"And the last step is to eat it ALL! What, why aren't you eating? Aren't you hungry?"

Bel-Chandra's Beauty Bar IIIEdit

"To be a truly elegant dancer, you need to accessorize!"
"Here, get me all of these items! I'll need time to pick out the perfect one..."

Eidolon ConversationEdit


"Establishing a link is a simple matter for an Empress. Stand back and watch me perform."
"You should be honored that an Empress is connecting on your behalf."
"Establishing a connection requires great focus. Do not disturb my concentration."
"I'm- I'm not breathing heavily because it's difficult to establish a connection. What nonsense!"


High Eidolon Energy
"You should be honored that you can fight beside me!"
"You just go ahead and fight that nasty monster over there. I'll help out if I feel like it."
"Looks like you need someone to protect you. When will you be able to stand on your own two feet?"
"If you can't keep up with me in battle, I may just leave you behind."
"What's the point of joining a Guild? You have to follow orders and pretend to be a decent person... that's definitely not my style!"
"It's only natural for you to be good to me. After all, who else would you be good to?"
"I must be the most beautiful Eidolon... Do you think so? Hint: the correct answer is, "Yes, of course you are!""
"When fortifying lv.28+ weapons to 20, something amazing will happen. Go try it!"
"Hehe, I didn't expect you to be that useful. I'm kinda impressed."
"You're so cute. Never change!"


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