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Discord is a free voice and text chat suitable for gaming. Aura Kingdom Wiki uses Discord as a means of improved communication between members of the wiki and the game, Aura Kingdom.

To join AKW Discord, please click on the image on the top, or follow this link: AKW Discord


There are not many guidelines to AKW Discord. The main rule is to have fun and chat with the members of the server. To ensure proper behavior within the channel, we must set some ground rules to create a controlled environment.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in termination from the Discord server.

Exceptions apply in certain cases.

Be kind to each other
Respect others as you would expect others to treat you. Under no circumstances should you harass or, in other ways, disrespect another user.
Do not impersonate
Impersonating another member is not allowed on AKW Discord.
Inappropriate content is not allowed
Pornography, intense* blood and gore, excessive* profanity, racism and discrimination, or any other types of inappropriate acts are not allowed on AKW Discord. The definition of intense/excessive in our terminology means "too much of". Please watch what you post and consider those around you within the Discord. If a member or members of the channel feel uncomfortable, you may be terminated from the Discord server.
Unsolicited advertisement is not allowed
Unsolicited advertisement to unapproved websites are not allowed on AKW Discord as they can be potential malicious websites, or in other ways immoral or inappropriate. Please ask a Discord admin if you would like to post a website. Referencing a website is okay, as long as the site is not malicious. All official Aura Kingdom websites, including AKUS Discord, are approved websites.
AKW Discord is PG-13
We are not responsible for the content posted within the Discord server. AKW Discord is PG-13. If you feel uncomfortable, please report the issue to a Discord admin immediately. Consider muting and/or blocking the member(s).

Key members

User Discord Role(s)
ID* Nickname*
Bermuda #2727 Lotus Admin
Kyara39 #0114 Kyara Admin
StormSurge95 #1843 Imatsu Admin
Tsurumi #4444 Tsurumi Moderator

Members are promoted according to their user rights on this wiki. You may also gain a role under the discretion of an admin, regardless of user rights on the wiki.

Special pages

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