Armor is a type of item thats is equippable. Its main purpose is to protect the player from harm by giving them defensive and offensive bonuses. There are mainly three main types of armor - which is also available for wield sometimes to a specific class at most.

Types of ArmorEdit

Cloth ArmorEdit

Cloth Armor is one of the weakest armor in the game. It could be weaved from cloth and is mostly worn by classes with more magicial inclination, which are usually from the Magic DPS.

Light ArmorEdit

Light Armor is slightly stronger than cloth in the game. It could be made from leather or hide. Light Armor is worn mostly by classes from the less magical and more with a Melee and Ranged.

Heavy ArmorEdit

Heavy Armor is supposedly the strongest armor in the game. It is made of heavy metal plates or scales from beasts. Heavy Armor is worn almost by classes in the defense or melee class.

Armor PartsEdit

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