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An archaeologist digging up an artifact

Service archaeologist merchant
Archaeology is a feature that allows archaeologists to dig up, identify, and trade in ancient artifacts for archaeology tokens. An Archaeology Pickaxe and the Identification Tool Set are necessary to cultivate and examine artifacts.

As ruled by the Archaeology Association, in order to protect the historical ruins, archaeologists can only dig up 100 times per day. This limit resets at midnight Eastern Standard Time. An Archaeologist's Honor buff is provided to track the number of times archaeologists have dug up and identified an item.

Dig sitesEdit

Dig site

Yellow sparkles indicate an artifact is found underneath.

Dig sites are located around the vicinity of an Archaeologist Merchant. Each map contains at most three dig sites, with each area only available on certain days.

Ancient artifacts

An ancient artifact found after digging it up

On open dig sites, the area will have certain spots radiating yellow sparkles on the ground. An artifact can be dug up on these spots when using the pickaxe. Once the artifact is dug up, the archaeologist can identify it by choosing one of the three available tools that correspond to the color of the glow.

Open dig sitesEdit

Map Schedule
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Banner Port Skandia
Port Skandia
X:544, Y:575
X:309, Y:666
Energized Crystal
X:272, Y:464
Banner Helonia Coast
Helonia Coast
X:666, Y:306
Animal Bones
X:374, Y:578
Marine Fossils
X:341, Y:279
Stone Tablet
Banner Crescent Hill
Crescent Hill
X:443, Y:495
Pottery Shard
X:269, Y:791
Handcrafted Relic
X:774, Y:621
Banner Cactakara Forest
Cactakara Forest
X:517, Y:550
X:550, Y:180
X:157, Y:619
Banner Demarech Mines
Demarech Mines
X:820, Y:426
Animal Bones
X:267, Y:688
Pottery Shard
X:371, Y:279
Stone Tablet
Banner Triatio Highlands
Triatio Highlands
X:106, Y:779
Rare Mineral
X:287, Y:152
Cultural Relic
X:626, Y:536
Cultural Relic
Banner Candeo Marsh
Candeo Marsh
X:737, Y:697
Pottery Shard
X:328, Y:172
X:260, Y:773
Stone Tablet
Banner Ventos Prairie
Ventos Prairie
X:771, Y:846
X:521, Y:611
Handcrafted Relic
X:862, Y:583
Energized Crystal
Banner Oblitus Wood
Oblitus Wood
X:765, Y:551
Rare Mineral
X:480, Y:451
Marine Fossils
X:695, Y:195
Rare Mineral
Banner Star Sand Desert
Star Sand Desert
X:373, Y:520
Animal Bones
X:482, Y:645
Marine Fossils
X:228, Y:700
Energized Crystal
Banner Vulture's Vale
Vulture's Vale
X:550, Y:200
X:756, Y:246
X:669, Y:443
Handcrafted Relic
Banner Blizzard Berg
Blizzard Berg
X:144, Y:482
X:652, Y:363
Animal Bones
X:468, Y:337
Cultural Relic
Banner Starstruck Plateau
Starstruck Plateau
X:492, Y:515
Primitive Tool
X:242, Y:351
Corroded Relic
X:629, Y:468
Crumbling Tablet
Banner Rainmist Reach
Rainmist Reach
X:451, Y:406
Phosphorus Crystal
X:687, Y:684
Corroded Ore
X:367, Y:133
Radioactive Stone
Banner Emerald Marsh
Emerald Marsh
X:424, Y:315
Mutant Remains
X:712, Y:382
Mana Parasite
X:249, Y:689
Banner Silent Ice Field
Silent Ice Field
X:527, Y:631
Handcrafted Relic
X:618, Y:693
Frozen Remains
X:208, Y:496
Frozen Ore
Banner Port Morton
Port Morton
X:318, Y:302
Sea Monster Limb
X:393, Y:641
Extinct Shellfish
X:547, Y:225
Ancient Shipwreck
Banner Candetonn Hill
Candetonn Hill
X:359, Y:176
Prehistoric Amber
X:204, Y:453
Charred Wood
X:428, Y:630
Dried Plant
Banner Viridian Steppe
Viridian Steppe
X:???, Y:???
Ancient Beast Claw
X:288, Y:516
Ancient Beast Remains
X:174, Y:167
Aged Giant Bone
Banner Desolate Valley
Desolate Valley
X:745, Y:220
Magic Crystal
X:395, Y:608
Magic Orb
X:132, Y:563
Magic Runestone
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Reset occurs daily at midnight (GMT-5).

Archaeology interfaceEdit

Archaeology interface

The Identification Tool Set is necessary to identify artifacts that have been dug up. Each artifact will radiate a different colored glow: yellow, red, or blue. Depending on the color of the glow, the corresponding color of the tool can be used to identify the item correctly. Incorrectly identifying the artifact will result in a lower quality item.

To begin identification, the player can right-click on the artifact to open up the archaeology interface. Once open, the player can open the interface to reveal three different tools to identify the artifact.

Archaeology tools

The tool set used to identify ancient artifacts

Tool Description
Archaeology tool - analyze
Use the reference manual and magnifying glass to analyze the ancient artifact. Suitable for identifying yellow glowing ancient artifacts.
Archaeology tool - clean
Use the dustpan and brush to clean the ancient artifact. Suitable for identifying red glowing ancient artifacts.
Archaeology tool - repair
Use the repair hammer and the potion to repair ancient artifact. Suitable for identifying blue glowing ancient artifacts.



Service archaeologist merchant Archaeologist Merchant
Archaeology Pickaxe 10 Gold
Identification Tool Set Gold
Soul Orb 50 ArchaeologyToken
Abyss Orb 450 ArchaeologyToken
Jade of Beasts 200 ArchaeologyToken
Ancient Shell 200 ArchaeologyToken
Ancient Dragon Fang 1800 ArchaeologyToken
Monster Coral 1800 ArchaeologyToken
Azure Glass 15 ArchaeologyToken
Rainbow Crystal 50 ArchaeologyToken
Crystallized Energy 20 ArchaeologyToken
Breath of Nature Emblem 500 ArchaeologyToken
Energized Emblem 500 ArchaeologyToken
Mysterious Treasure Map Scroll 1000 ArchaeologyToken
All Archaeologist Merchants sell the same items for the same price.

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