What do you want, hmm? I am quite busy... Ah, the Templars must have sent me another important delivery!
— Analisa

Analisa is a blacksmith primarily found in Navea, allowing the player to forge gears and activate Star Level Evolution. She was first shown in the tutorial in Dimensional Belt, along with <Templar Commander> Andre.


Analisa is a Blacksmith who succeded the title of Templar Blacksmith from her Master, Harvey. She, along with her daughter Jill, excels in making luxury items. Her ability to inspect high quality materials is second to none. Jill was presumed to be her successor in case Analisa was stepped down from Templar Blacksmith, since Jill has already become an expert ever since she got involved in her mother's journey.


Demarech MinesEdit

Although she does not participate under this location she is deeply concerned over Harvey, her former Master that once was a Templar Blacksmith before her. He was kidnapped by Reinhardt. She sent the Envoy to investigate the matters while she continued her work as a Templar Blacksmith. After successfully rescuing Harvey, Analisa was relieved to see her Master safe and sound. She also give Envoy a new Saddle for Ostrich before departing to Demarech Mines prior to Andre's request.

Oblitus WoodEdit

Analisa went to the Oblitus Wood personally for investigation while also sending the Church new Electromagnetic Turrets. She told Jill to stay behind with some rescued children when she wanted to investigate the village that was overruned by Silverflash Tribe but when she get there first, she was forced to retreat due to numbers and she left her kit behind which Envoy later recover it for her. She meet up with a Makar that the Envoy once defeat before, Odum Ryan. At first he claimed that he was the Envoy of Gaia's apprentice but since the Envoy refused to be called Master, Analisa was quite convinced that Ryan was an ally since through the interactions itself believe that Ryan was an ally instead of enemy.

She, along with Jill, was trapped at the west of the woods when investigating the village but managed to withdraw safely after Odum Ryan succeeded in persuading Shay and forge an alliance with the Silverflash Tribe. After the Envoy succeeded in defeating Talen, Analisa enrolled Ryan to become a Templar.

Vulture's ValeEdit

Analisa was involved in Vulture's Vale by supplying the Church with equipments. That's when the Envoy saw Odum Ryan, now a Templar wear Templar Armor for the first time. She don Odum Ryan with High Commander Armor, same as Alex, Victoria, Andre and Anya and she rebuk his complaining since she got tough time measuring his size.

New Equipment in Wrathborne TempleEdit

Once the Envoy had become strong enough, Analisa received information from Odum Ryan about how the weapons were made. She entrusted the Envoy to collect Infernal War Breath and Nazrudin's Breath and then collect the Envoy's respective class weapon from Harvey in Demarech Mines in order to create the new weapon.

The Envoy received the new equipment in Wrathborne Temple before the Envoy makes a final standoff with Reinhardt and the Demon Army. She was there along with Andre and the three Templar High Commanders Alex, Victoria and Anya.