Alucard's Key of Gaia
Gaia Key
Cannot trade. Not usable in combat.
Character Level 25 and Above
This key contains the will of Alucard. The dragon design engraved on the key commands regal respect.

Right-click to obtain the Eidolon Alucard.
You cannot obtain the same Eidolon twice.
This key is also used in the evolution of Alucard.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.
Dragon Tyrant
Level: 25
DMG: 5029 A
CRIT: 491 Cplus
SPD: 491 Cplus
HP: 8142 Bplus
DEF: 1916 B
EVA: 492 Cplus
Blink Strike
Alucard teleports in front of enemies, surprising them with Dark DMG to targets within range.

Trial of Reckoning
Alucard holds his "Domesday" high up to start a ritual of trial for enemies, dealing massive Dark DMG to targets within the range and increasing DMG of allies nearby.

Octupole Dragon Slash
Alucard viciously slashes at his target from every side as though he is several places at once, dealing Dark DMG with additional damage over time.


This key will summon Alucard.


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